I die at abnormal speed

Kate, Kathrin, Katja
11 November
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Born in Russia, living in Germany, writing in English and in love with Japanese Rock and Korean Pop. Multicultural is what I am.

Thus, you can talk to me in either English, German or Russian, I'm fluent in all three. My skills in Japanese are rather average and I have some basic knowledge of Spanish.

I love writing, which is both a passion and a hobby. Other than that I enjoy playing some good video games (preferably RPG), listening to music (predominantly J-Rock and K-Pop), reading (not necessarily only books) and learning languages (if you couldn't yet tell *laughs*). Always happy to meet and get to know new people, having friends all over the world is a nice thing =3

I'm a girl, 23 years young and 157cm tall. Born in November, thus a Scorpio, thus stubborn, strongwilled and sincere. Sometimes I love my peace, sometimes I need my fun, I'm a very heavy thinker and definitely a dreamer not seldom lost in fantasy worlds which give way to creating my fanfictions.

I have a mother, a father, a five-year-older brother and a cat.

I'll add more stuff later, but for now, I ran out of things to mention *laughs* Anything you wanna know, message me or comment on any of my entries and I get back to you <3 So, I see ya round on LJ!