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01 November 2014 @ 07:07 pm
Deception Package, 5/?  
Title: Deception Package
Author: gazerock4eva
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Smut
Disclaimer: The boys of the GazettE belong to themselves, I only own the story
Chapters: 5/?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MalexMale relationship in all its glory
Summary: At first sight, they are as different as two human beings can ever be; a perfect opposite of one another. Influenced by contrasting ways of growing up, of living life, of seeing things and of being looked at by others, they'd never thought how deceptive facades could really be, or what you can find if you take the time and make the effort to look beyond defensive veneers.
Synopsis: He didn't want to dwell on any of the past, didn't want this moment to be ruined. He wanted the present, wanted those feelings back, the good ones, the same ones he had felt before one of his darkest secrets got revealed. He didn't want Reita to think about it, he didn't want to think about it himself. He just wanted this. Them. Him.

[Chapter 1]
[Chapter 2]
[Chapter 3]
[Chapter 4]

Author's Note: Yes! I'm glad I managed to get this done today, because I wasn't sure how much time I would have for doing anything creative tomorrow. How come the weekends are always so short? *laughs*

I will be dedicating most of my free writing time next week to another story, so I'm not sure if I'll get chapter 6 out throughout it, but I will try =3 For now, I hope you will enjoy this one!

Off goes:

Deception Package

Chapter 5

He had expected a lot of things. He had expected Reita to drop him off at home despite that Ruki said he didn't want to go there yet. He had expected Reita to perhaps take him to some restaurant where he could tame his rebelling stomach. He had even expected Reita to leave him at some random bus station or something, but he hadn't expected to find himself in the older teen's apartment.

At least one of his many assumptions about the blonde verified itself – Reita indeed lived alone. The foyer was small but cozy, there was a commode on which he'd dropped his keys and placed his helmet and a few hooks where Ruki's jacket found one to hang on. Proceeding along the corridor revealed a door to the left and a door to the right while the corridor itself ended in a fairly spacious living room with another door to an adjacent room. Exactly that door, Reita pointed at.

"There's the kitchen. Feel free to take whatever it is you eat."

Ruki huffed and crossed his arms over his finely sculpted chest. "I told you I'm on no diet. I eat the same stuff you do."

Reita just smirked, clicked his tongue and patted the brunette's slender shoulder. "If you say so. I need a shower, so I'm off to the bathroom."

Giving a small nod the shorter teen was soon left to himself. First, he took the time to observe the living room more closely: the big window and the glassed door next to it that led out onto the balcony, the white couch set pooling around a wooden couch table in front of the TV sitting elevated on a small cabinet, a video game console underneath. The shelves at the furthest wall were loaded with books, games, CDs, DVDs and a couple of usual things people kept on their shelves to fill them further. The computer desk stood snuggled into the corner as well, looking not as messy as you thought it would. But with stray school books and pens and pencils and college blocks covering its top it was still not as neatly organized as Ruki's own was in his room.

Entering the kitchen he wasn't confronted with chaos either. The kitchen cabinet was kept in white as well, a table in the middle, two chairs. Coffee machine sitting on one of the counters, and the fridge was properly filled as well. Ruki wondered if all of this was affordable with the help of one simple part-time job. If not... did Reita have another? Or were his parents helping out? Where were they, anyway? Were they living in this town as well, or some other place? Why not together with their son anymore? Did the other boy have any siblings?

Chewing on a self-made sandwich and sipping a soda, there were tons of questions more that kept popping into Ruki's head the more he thought about Reita. What else did the older teen do in his free time? What were his interests? What would he want to do after school? It wasn't that far off for him anymore, wasn't it... He'd graduate this summer, barely two months were left to go. He didn't even really know how old Reita was. Purely logically, he had to be at least two years older than Ruki himself, therefore at least 19. Would he want to work, or do an internship? Perhaps go to college? Ruki himself didn't bother with those questions yet, aside of that he was sure his step-dad had his further life planned out already. College was almost a certain aspect of his future although Ruki had no clue what he'd want to study yet. And if he wanted to study in the first place. Either way, he'd most certainly not let his step-parent pay his college bills as well. He wanted to be out of that man's reach forever once he finished high school.

Done with his meal he glanced at his wristwatch – past six p.m. already. But as long as he'd get home before midnight, he had nothing to fear. Nothing more to fear... the worst had occurred yesterday already, hadn't it. Quickly he brushed the memories away, cleaning the table off any crumbs and washing the glass he'd used, leaving it to dry upside down next to the sink.

Back to the living room he plopped down onto the couch, snuggled his graceful body into one of its corners and switched on the TV. Zapping through the channels without much interest as to what they showed, he patiently waited for his host to reappear which Reita did not much later, having switched his previous attire for simple black pants and a white shirt blending into the white towel around his neck, the blonde hair still slightly damp from the shower. His noseband ran around his face as well; seemed like it wasn't ever taken off in the presence of others. Which led Ruki to wondering about the meaning of that particular quirk in style yet again.

"Sated?" Reita tossed a fleeting question at the younger teen while on his way to the kitchen, receiving a cheerful "Yep!" in response.

He chuckled; it didn't look like it took much to make the sweet creature happy. It was easy for the observant teen to tell there was something weighing heavily on the younger boy's mind, but Reita was never the type to pry into other people's business. Taking a can of soda out of his fridge, he still wondered why Ruki appeared so fond of Reita himself. He was used to people fearing him or looking at him strangely, and generally keeping away from him simply because he showed it quite clearly that he didn't want to be bothered. And then there were all the ridiculous rumors of course. But they held as much truth as the rumors about Ruki did, and Reita grinned once more in disbelief about all that he'd already learnt about the petite brunette so far.

The little guy was quite an interesting individual. A damn beautiful, interesting individual for that, too. He could definitely see where all that jealousy of almost everyone around Ruki came from and why it would lead people to make up the craziest stories about him. Must be making it real tough on the other, being judged like that. Being judged was a feeling Reita himself was very familiar with even though he himself didn't give a flying fuck about anybody's opinion of him. He could see that Ruki was trying hard to do the same as well, but if his yesterday's statement was any indication, it was still getting to him. I'm not what they say, he'd told Reita. Indeed, he wasn't.

Returning to the room his little guest was in, the taciturn blonde took a seat on the couch as well, leaning back against the soft headrest with an accomplished sigh. After yesterday's shift and today's activities he was more than happy to relax in his own four walls, especially in such interesting company. He didn't really care what it was they watched on TV, and he did catch the glances Ruki would send his way then and again.

The younger teen himself didn't know why he was doing that, it was just very difficult to keep his gaze on the screen as opposed to swaying it to the person next to him. However, the next time his eyes looked that way again his stomach churned because this time, those fawn orbs were looking directly back at him.

"What is it?" Reita questioned a bit impatiently and Ruki hurried to shake his head.

"Nothing. I just wondered..."

Turning towards the brunette lightly, Reita studied that pretty face. "About what?"

Not an easy question to answer since Ruki wondered about a whole lot of things right now, so he picked the first that came to mind. "Your name."

At this, Reita's brow rose in a habitual gesture. Laughing out small, Ruki elaborated on his own answer. "I mean, it's not your real name, right?" There were no Japanese parents who'd name their child 'Reita' since it wasn't a proper name at all. So he guessed that much like Ruki himself, his senior preferred a nickname to his birth name.

"No, it's not."

A simple reply and then, silence. Inwardly, Ruki sighed. Looked like that wasn't a good topic for a conversation, or so he assumed until Reita moved to straighten out and place his now empty glass onto the couch table. He took a random magazine lying there and a pen, starting to write a kanji character. "It's a derivation." He said, continuing to complete stroke after stroke.

Now really curious, Ruki abandoned his cozy couch corner, shifting closer to the other and watching the calligraphic ministrations with interest. Finished, Reita nudged the magazine along the table so that the younger boy could have a better look at it.

There were two characters on the sheet - 冷淡; 'Reitan', the kanji hiding the meaning for 'coolness, indifference' in their constellation. If you omitted the n, you were indeed left with the blonde's curious moniker. Simple, but stylish.

"That's pretty cool." He commented with a note of respectful admiration for the wittiness behind the namely cover. It was clever, and he liked it.

Reita chuckled. "Your turn." He said, causing Ruki to lift his gaze and cross the calm one of his opposite who supplemented his spoken sentence with one more: "You can't tell me that 'Ruki' is a common name either."

At that, the graceful brunette laughed out softly, nodding. "True. But... Well. It's a sad story. Most people don't like sad stories." He didn't really want to pull the mood down, nor did he want the pity most people looked at him with after they were given the reason behind the two syllables he preferred to be called by. Somehow though, he didn't think Reita would react in either of those ways.

The blonde shrugged lightly. "I don't mind. Unless you're averse to telling." He was the last person to be nosy and push others to tell him things he might have no bother knowing.

Gently, Ruki's pretty lips twitched their corner upward. "No, I'm not." Which was in fact half a lie. He didn't like telling the story to other people but with Reita... it was okay. More so - and that was even more strange - he actually felt like he wanted Reita to know.

"It happened a few years ago. My father - my real father - and my little sister, they... got into an accident." Those days, the days where his family was whole and wholesome and happy, seemed like so long ago... it's been barely three years, yet it seemed as though forever had passed since that one horrific incident. The weight was still heavy and it smothered his voice, until it held its silver melody just a bit above a whisper. "My father died on the spot. My sister... lay in coma for three days. Then she passed away, too."

The darkest time in his life, its shadows still looming over him every hour of every day. Sometimes they lifted and let him breathe a bit more easily, sometimes they moved in and tried to suffocate him. Right now they passed his gorgeous face in a flicker of scarring, deep-rooted sadness.

Something that resonated strongly within Reita's own well-guarded heart, leading it to skip a beat in honest empathy. "I'm sorry." The smooth baritone was quiet in its smoky timbre, and somehow it made the words sound more sincere than any other time Ruki'd heard them spoken on account of the story he'd just told.

"Me too..." He whispered, staring at his own entwined hands which were flexing his long fingers against one another. "My mom remarried and... now we're here." Yes. Here they were, she and him. In a life more luxurious than they could have ever had before, and yet more miserable than they had ever been in that previous life of theirs regardless.

He blinked and reached for the pen, drawing a few kanji as he spoke, on the same page Reita had written his. "My dad's name was Rui. And my baby sister... She was six... Kimiko."

Watching Ruki's hand, Reita noted the ease in those movements; the younger boy's strokes were light and elegant, almost absentminded and yet calligraphically perfect. He didn't want to image how much time practicing kanji it took to get so good at it.

With the names now written one under the other, Ruki gingerly circled the first syllable of each. Ru for Rui, and Ki for Kimiko. "So... that's how I put my name together. This way I feel like I can carry at least a small piece of them with me, a way to keep their memory alive and close. Everyday."

He hadn't told this to anyone before. His mother knew how his nickname was put together of course, but he had never really talked with her about the why. She didn't like it, he knew. She never called him Ruki and he could only assume that it might have been because on contrary to him she saw it as a painful reminder rather than a precious memento. She hated talking about his father and sister, he had tried a few times but she would immediately clamp up and shut him out. So after a while he gave up, and not being able to talk with his mother about it had ultimately made him unable to talk with her about anything at all. It had torn a rift between parent and child, and neither knew how to cross it anymore. As for everybody else... His step-father didn't give a shit, and he didn't have friends who he felt close enough to or whom he trusted enough to talk about this with.

Now, telling this to Reita, he realized how much he had needed to talk about this with someone. To tell somebody and receive not pity, not sympathy, not even comfort but... understanding. Just to be understood in this and with Reita, he felt he would be. He felt the other boy would understand yet what Ruki hadn't expected was to actually receive more than just understanding.

"I see."

Looking up at Reita as the other raised his voice, he met those dark, fawn eyes with the grief-underlined hazel of his own and in that one moment, he realized. Reita didn't simply understand.

"I lost someone, too. Long ago." Reaching up, the older teen brushed the back of his fingers against the filigree elevation of Ruki's cheekbone, the touch artless and fleeting and yet... momentous in the solace it offered. "So... I get it. You can try to let them go, but you can never forget."

No, Reita wasn't just able to understand. He was able to relate. Truly relate to and comprehend the feelings Ruki didn't think any of those close to him in some way or the other would ever really get. His heart clenched and it was suddenly harder to breathe when sadness mixed up with relief and... affection. In that one moment of feeling that connection between them click into place, Reita was quite suddenly and indisputably his most favorite person in the world.

They were so very close again and again those magnificent hazel eyes reflected the same excited - and exciting - expression that Reita had seen back there on the playing field. There was no way to tell exactly what made it so irresistible, as though the owner of those wondrous eyes wasn't irresistible enough all in his own merit already. His hand didn't stray too far away, sinking lower to slip onto the velvety cheek of the younger boy, resting strong digits on the gentle slope of jaw and behind that lovely, pierced ear.

A firm pull brought Ruki even closer and a moment later he felt warm lips catching against his plush pair. Another thing that caught was the air in his lungs, sweet warmth trickling from the kiss into his body, muscles tightening in the wake of the pleasant perception. The contact light and careful at first, it still charmed him very quickly. Those full lips brushing and pressing to his own encouraged his supple pair to hesitantly take action, too, and he felt his world tilting which was probably partly because his body was tilting as well, seeing as it was being gently pushed to lay down onto the couch.

Ruki's breath tumbled out of him shakily, the life-giving muscle in his frail chest fluttering wildly while his flipside stretched out against the softness of the piece of furniture beneath him. The pleasant scent of soap and shampoo touched his senses as Reita leaned in over him, still kissing him but he didn't go for the invitation of Ruki's pretty mouth opening a crack since it was the only way the younger teen knew to continue. Instead, the brunette's dainty lips were released for a second and then claimed strongly again, the process repeated once and again. Ruki's eyes clenched shut, the row of delightful, short, breath-stealing kisses that swapped over him overwhelmed him good, his head went spinning as wave after wave of burning, tingling sensations erupted in the pit of his stomach and abdomen, rushing all throughout his body.

He drew in quick, desperate gasps in between and the sparse supply of air did nothing but intensify the sweetly maddening perceptions. The pressure within pushed up higher and higher in his chest, flowing out of hi in the first, tuneful moan he released. The own sound excited him more than it embarrassed him, it was difficult to prevent more of those soft whimpers from passing his lips caressed so powerfully and avidly times and again. And gods, it felt so good.

Good enough to fog his mind over so that he didn't even notice Reita's hand on his chest, the calloused digits plucking the buttons open one by one. He became aware of that only when there were barely a few of the tiny plastic pieces left to hold the hems of his shirt together, and abruptly he remembered just why he shouldn't have let Reita do that. But it was already too late.

Breaking their kiss Ruki drew in a sharp breath, freezing from smart head to small toes underneath Reita's confident touch, the older teen's fawn eyes suddenly finding themselves confronted with frightened, russet counterparts. Reita's brows furrowed slightly and the timid glance that Ruki stole down along his own body elicited him to look that way as well. The lithe little frame underneath him pressed itself further into the surface of the couch, but it was impossible for it to wholly submerge into the plush cushions or to hide what the blonde's astute gaze caught on right then.

Leaving the buttons be Reita's hand rose upwards and carefully pushed one hem of the classy shirt aside, revealing smooth ivory of silky skin disturbed in its fair complexion by a vicious discoloration. His lips parted to release an inaudible breath of disbelief, his frown deepening and his hand continuing to reveal more of that slender torso covered in hideous marks of blue, red, purple. Fresh bruises all over.

He glanced up into those aghast brown eyes, the scared expression on those beautiful features, that pliant lower lip in a hard grasp of pearly white teeth.

"Where did you get these?" He asked quietly, receiving no reply yet, but feeling the vast tension that ruled the supple body beneath him and caused it to start trembling tentatively.

"Seiichiro?" He issued a guess in view of yesterday's occurrences, but even Seiichiro wasn't that big a scumbag and if by some far stretch he was responsible after all, it would be one damn good reason for Reita to smash the asshole's face in once again for so brutally pulling somebody else into this hostility crap that should be kept solely between the two of them.

However, the younger boy just shook his head, averting his eyes to the side and taking a couple of distorted inhales. He felt that calm stare on himself and tried to swallow against the lump in his throat before daring to raise his voice, barely audible.

"My step-dad..." He whispered and this time, it was Reita who tensed with the harsh pull of anger within his chest, feeling it expand against his ribs with each incensed beat of his heart. No way...

Gently cupping the other's silky, paled cheek, he turned Ruki's head to have the young one facing him again. "Does he do this regularly?" A soft, cautious question as he scanned that pretty face closely but non-intrusively.

Another faint shake of head. "No..." It was the truth. The last time Ruki had received such a beating from Ryuutarou lay well over a year back. It's been a while, hasn't it... He didn't think... no, he had hoped, it wouldn't happen again anytime soon. "Just when he's really angry with me." Enraged. Furious. Livid. Like he'd been last night.

"Fuck." Reita swore through gritted teeth, shaking his head in still the same grave disbelief, swaying his gaze over that slinky, abused body again.

What a clever asshole his stepfather was, too. There was not the slightest mark on the neck, neckline or the face but he didn't want to imagine how the rest of that feline frame might look like where it could be covered up with pricey clothes. It had to hurt like hell, but even Reita's observant eyes hadn't noticed anything offbeat in the behavior of the petite brunette until now when he got to see the damage for himself. He almost regretted offering him a shot at basketball practice earlier today, even though he hadn't gone hard on the younger boy it must not have been a walk in the park for him either.

Reita's jaw clenched tight, keeping enclosed the row of cusses passing his mind. "You're such an idiot." He scolded the other softly. "Why didn't you tell me?" This shit was dangerous. Cracked ribs, internal bruises or ruptures, for all he knew Ruki should be in a goddamn hospital right now. It has been a long time since Reita found himself worried for anybody but himself.

Ruki let out a forlorn, cheerless laugh. "How do you tell something like this to anyone...?"

The question was simple and yet, stupefying. It left Reita in lack of a reply, finding himself thinking once again about how horribly misjudged the boy before him was. Gorgeous, rich and privileged, and broken behind the mask of cool indifference. Ruki was much stronger than anyone had probably ever bothered to give him credit for, and it was something Reita could relate to once again. His mask was a different one and partly real, right there across his face, but deep down inside he was no less messed up. Just in a different way.

"It's better like this..." To that soft whisper, he looked back at Ruki in incredulity.

"What are you talking about?" How could any of this be good in any way?

The little brunette gave no reply, just took a jagged breath, his delicate hand touching to Reita's sturdy shoulder as his perfect, graceful features twisted up in a tragic display of obvious pain and pure power of will, the expression both heartbreaking and admirable. "It's okay, really..." And he smiled, through the veil of misery clouding his pretty eyes he smiled that faint, sweet smile of his. "Please, just..." Tentatively, Ruki tugged the other back down an inch.

He didn't want to dwell on any of the past, didn't want this moment to be ruined. He wanted the present, wanted those feelings back, the good ones, the same ones he had felt before one of his darkest secrets got revealed. He didn't want Reita to think about it, he didn't want to think about it himself. He just wanted this. Them. Him.

Complying with the request for comfort, Reita leaned down, allowing those slender arms to curl around his neck and squeeze tightly, holding on. His own hands moved, too, smoothly and naturally, slipping one safeguarding appendage under the small of Ruki's back while the other gently sifted strong fingers through smooth chestnut strands, applying measured strength to carefully return that desperate embrace.

Petite nose buried against the crook of Reita's neck, Ruki gazed past that staunch shoulder and the ring of his own arms around it into empty, sunlight-flooded space of the room, his trembling ceasing, calmed by the safeguarding warmth emanating from the taller body above him. And for a small, beautiful moment in time, the world was perfectly alright.


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fansandflamesfansandflames on November 1st, 2014 10:47 pm (UTC)
So many feelings I'm glad they're getting closer very glad. I can tell the drama will be kicking in soon enough and school as well but I'm sure their relationship will prevail ^^ (hopefully xD), but yes I'm loving this more with each new chapter :D. What story will you be focusing on besides this one? A total new one or one of the others? Anyway this was wonderful as always and I'm wonder who Reita may have lost that made him relate? his parents perhaps? Also it's interesting to see him cling to his nose band like he is in this and I wonder if he may have something under there hes hiding? or he's self conscious etc? I hope that you update this again soon when you have the chance :D
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on November 16th, 2014 04:26 pm (UTC)
Well, you're certainly right, the drama shouldn't be too far off anymore *laughs* It should be a very interesting scenario to write; them going about their days in schools.

And oh, the story I'm focusing on beside this one is ADF. I also need to update Phoenix sometime soon, I kinda totally forgot about it <.<;;

Reita's past will get revealed eventually, but until then we'll keep the mystery about him for a little bit longer x3

I didn't get to update this as soon as I'd have liked to, but well, at least it's getting updated altogether XD

Thank you for your support, m'dear <3!