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09 October 2014 @ 11:02 pm
Deception Package, 1/?  
Title: Deception Package
Author: gazerock4eva
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Smut
Disclaimer: The boys of the GazettE belong to themselves, I only own the story
Chapters: 1/?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MalexMale relationship in all its glory
Summary: At first sight, they are as different as two human beings can ever be; a perfect opposite of one another. Influenced by contrasting ways of growing up, of living life, of seeing things and of being looked at by others, they'd never thought how deceptive facades could really be, or what you can find if you take the time and make the effort to look beyond defensive veneers.
Synopsis: Reita glanced that way again, at the beautiful brunette standing there so coolly. The detached expression on that perfect face, the prideful stance. Those eyes still looked his way and for a moment, he almost pictured that slinky body in a tangle with many others. Whoever knew. Maybe that Ruki kid really had... Without realizing it either, Reita stared back until the ringing of the bell caused them to avert their gazes from each other.

Author's Note: This is something I have wanted to do for the longest time, ever since I returned to LJ in fact. I don't know if any of you remember this fiction, it was written back in 2010 by lost_seraphine, although she is no longer on LJ as well as no longer a writer. I guess she sort of grew out of it the way I will never be able to, and back then I actually didn't even know she was updating this on LJ.

You must know, this story was born out of an RP she and I have been working on years ago and to the greater part it used that RP as a source material. As I said, she grew out of writing and we never got to finish our RP, and we were talking about it some evening somewhat a year ago where she mentioned that she had once tried converting our RP into a story. She sent me what she had managed to upload back then, I read through it and I was really taken with the idea.

She is a wonderful writer and I was very sad and upset for a long time when she told me she won't be writing anymore, and I was very sad and upset about the fact that we would never get to finish our RP either. So after she told me that, I asked her if I could actually continue what she had started because I thought it to be a wonderful way to keep alive what we had created together and even finish by myself that which we won't ever be able to finish together anymore. We still had so many plots and ideas and we used to brainstorm through the nights together, and it would be sad if all that creativity would go to waste.

I pitched the idea to her and she agreed, giving me permission to use what she had written so far; thus now I'll be borrowing her beginning of this story and continue it myself. Our minds have always worked alike and our writing styles have some similarities, which was part of the reason I had so much fun writing with her, it was like there was a second writer-me out there who could so very flawlessly complement me in terms of storytelling. We shared a Muse.

But, enough reminiscing! *laughs* Naturally, despite being similar, our writing styles are still different so I will be making modifications to some things and rewrite some parts to keep it all neat and nice and comprehensible. I just came upon this fiction yesterday while going through my fanfic-folders and thought that I should stop putting it off and finally actually get to it. As a courtesy to Sera, it also won't be f-locked =) Love you, girl! This one's for you, everybody who's enjoyed this story back then and never got to see it finished and everyone who will enjoy it now.

So, without further ado, here goes:

Deception Package

Chapter 1

People talked. They always talked. About the weather, about clothes, about jobs, politics, society. But rarely was there anything more entertaining to talk about than other people. Rumors, assumptions, jokes, mockery. Judging and evaluating others, their way to behave, their way to dress and move, their attitude, their appearance, their gestures and expressions. Yes, people were always the most interesting topic to discuss.

Especially in school. Kids and teenager peaking in development of their personality, not last shaped by their daily environment and the occurrences happening all around them.

The grand schoolyard was currently crowded with students of all ages: different in looks and demeanor, huddled in little or large groups, some stood alone, couples kissing, boys fooling around and girls giggling. In the middle of the yard was a small fountain, no one knew why it stood there; probably just to add some extravagance to the usually boring scholastic appearance of the large building itself that circled the yard in a rectangle. Sets of wide stairs led up to the space around the fountain, green grass stretched in neatly cut forms, grey concrete made heels clack and soles plod.

Next to the fountain was a group of people, all boys, two sitting on the edge of the marble rounding the pool into which the water splashed, three more standing there leisurely, chatting. One of them instantly caught your eye due to his impeccable appearance and an almost aristocratic poise, impeccably presented from head to toe in a display of Mother Nature's gifted beauty selection. Flawlessly proportioned body, finely sculpted features, immaculately elegant clothes. He was no taller than 5'3", lithe and lissome in shape and he emanated an aura of natural confidence in his gorgeous looks, a demeanor that was surely warranted. Chestnut hair with cunning, lighter highlights flowed around his gorgeous face in a perfectly styled frame of sepia-hued silk, his skin faultless and unblemished, gently pale like living porcelain. Endearing eyes of intriguing, chocolate color emphasized by the slightest hint of make-up, proud and alive with the awareness of being the most graceful being walking this school ground, if not even the entire city.

No one could pass him by without sparing at least a glance – an interested one, a shy one, an adoring one, one of want, desire, jealousy, perhaps even hatred and grudge. He was what he was - beautiful, and no matter if man or woman, most of them found themselves attracted to him in some way or the other. Not only because of the way he looked but because of the way he held himself; fully aware that a hint of the right smile and the right bat of eyelashes cold get him any girl or boy in sight. He knew his charms, and he knew how to play them; only that he rarely ever did, even if the rumors in school told a completely different story.

"Ne, Ruki-kun. I heard Seiichiro himself is interested in getting to know you." One of the sitting boys said with a grin, looking up at the beautiful brunette who stood with his arms crossed loosely in front of his finely dressed chest, his expression indifferent. What he heard was nothing new to him. People frequently wanted to get to know him.

"Oi, oi. The President of the Student Council himself?" The second sitting boy asked, respect underlining his words. It did not matter that mentioned boy, or rather man, was about to graduate this year and they themselves still had two years to go. Age did not matter, they all were attracted to Ruki all the same.

"Yep. Ne, Ruki-kun. What will you do if he asks you out?" The boy standing next to him snickered mildly and Ruki flipped a soft strand of highlighted hair out of his lovely countenance, shrugging his slim shoulders lightly.

"I'll see about it." He said, hazel eyes lazily observing the yard.

He had turned down many boys and girls already; leaders of sport clubs in the more prominent male category, the captain of the cheerleading team and presidents of art clubs in the list of more reputable females. Of course random classmates as well, younger students, older students, and even a couple of teachers. Ice Prince, certain people called him. Divinely beautiful but seemingly just as cold and untouchable, desired by so many and yet barely deigning anyone attention. Most thought he was conceited but he had never toyed with anyone's feelings. He had been honest with every one of them right from the start: I'm sorry, I'm not interested.

He knew of course, the stories coursing in school painted him in a completely different light. Yet he knew that it was useless to fight the gossip and he tried not to care. He still did care more than he liked to, and more than anybody would ever know.

His gaze caught on a new person who had announced their arrival with the loud uproar of a motorbike engine. It was a monster of a vehicle, heavy and huge, painted in a shimmering black, growling loudly as it was steered into the parking lot without effort and with skill. A black helmet taken off, a handsome face was revealed, partially covered by a strap of cloth running around nose and cheekbones. Blonde hair dyed a pitch-black at the roots bounced meekly with the turn of the head, gloved hands flexed as the muscular body sporting a stylish biker outfit set itself in motion to get off the means of transport.

His friends, or so most would have titled them, wrinkled their noses, watching the same person he watched. "He's always such a show-off, that Suzuki."

Well. At least the boy had something to show off, but that remark remained kept to himself. Instead, Ruki all but hummed indistinctly.

"Yeah." One of the sitting boys acceded, diligent in conjuring the same expression his friends' faces, spare for Ruki himself, were showing: something between disgust and disrespect, as well as mockery.

"Still, you better never piss him off." The second sitting boy piped in. "It's said he beats people up real bad. I heard he's the one who broke Najimura's nose in the fistfight yesterday."

Najimura was the president of the soccer team, Ruki knew him. A burly and stupid jock who loved making fun of everyone and everything that was smaller or weaker than him. He idly wondered if each goal he scored, Najimura still dedicated to him. Idiot.

Yesterday had been what... Sunday? Yes, he recalled. The student party at The Red Rose. Ended up drowned in alcohol and scuffles, as always. He hadn't been there himself per se, but he had heard plenty.

"Really?" The one next to the standing, impassive brunette lifted his eyebrow. "I also heard he deals. The real shit, like heroin and crack."

Was that the reason that boy had been at the party, Ruki wondered. To deal there, perhaps?

"Me too!" The other standing youth hurried to eagerly agree. "I bet he has a gun. Or at least a knife! Perhaps he's even killed someone already. Wasn't Hayaka from the parallel class raped a couple of months ago? If you ask me, you can trust a guy like him to have done it."

Ruki frowned. He knew Hayaka; she was a bitch. Always out for publicity, spreading the most awful rumors about anyone she didn't like. Or who had refused to sleep with her. But then again, given the other's badass appearance and attitude, who could really know? Maybe that Suzuki-guy really had...

Without realizing it, Ruki stared at the tall blonde in question.

Said blonde had arrived at a group of people by then, three in total, looking much like he did. Heavy biker clothes, helmets in hands, cigarettes between their lips - the kind of people you would call rude and ruthless, the troublemakers, the violent type. The type you would be out to avoid by all means if you yourself weren't out to cause trouble, or eager to get into some.

Reita never denied he might be violent. Or ruthless, or rude. But all that he had in his pockets were just his house keys, his cell phone, and a pack of gum.

"Hey, Reita. Not late today, for once?"

He greeted his pals with a nod of head but left them with no reply and turned his head as he felt a lingering stare on himself. Fawn eyes crossed gazes with observant orbs of deep, hazel hue, his half-masked features pulling into a dark scowl upon detecting the expression in those eyes. Evaluating. Appalled even. Prejudging.

"You have some business with the school harlot there, Rei?" The voice of one of his buddies caused him to direct his attention away.

"Planning on scoring him, perhaps?" Another one added with a smirk, causing Reita's frown to deepen dangerously. The wily expressions froze dead on the others' faces, a careful clearing of throat and an uncomfortable smile was all that was left from the second boy's amusement.

"I wouldn't even consider touching him." The first one shrugged, spitting on the ground. "It's said he's slept with half the school already. Probably got paid nice for it as well. Even Seiichiro seems to be hitting on him."

Reita knew Seiichiro. The most obnoxious individual he'd ever had the displeasure to meet, absolutely full of himself due to his position in school and society. A rich kid, too, which didn't make his ego any smaller.

"Yeah." The third boy nodded meanwhile. "I heard he's really into gang bang. You know, getting it into every hole he's got. Simultaneously."

Reita glanced that way again, at the beautiful brunette standing there so coolly. The detached expression on that perfect face, the prideful stance. Those eyes still looked his way and for a moment, he almost pictured that slinky body in a tangle with many others. Whoever knew. Maybe that Ruki kid really had...

Without realizing it either, Reita stared back until the ringing of the bell caused them to avert their gazes from each other.

The day progressed in its regular routine then, classes beginning and ending, teachers coming and going, students bustling around like ants in an ant farm. It was the half-an-hour break where Ruki's classmates suddenly started stealing glances a particular way, whispering with each other. It wasn't every day that you saw the President of the Student Council and his two closest cronies show up in the juniors' classroom, after all.

"Hello there, beautiful." Ruki didn't turn to the sound of the voice, sitting at his desk near the window, his bored gaze directed outside. The strong arm that was casually dropped around his shoulders belonged to a tall person standing next to him, their black hair slicked back, their athletic and sturdy body clad in the tight wrap of a pricey school uniform tailored to show off their muscular physique.

"Bored?" The arm slipped away, instead the weight of the older boy descended onto his school desk as Seiichiro sat down onto it casually.

Ruki's clear brown eyes wandered upwards and his lovely lips stretched a no less lovely smile. His voice was finest silk, a little shy, a little playful. "Just a bit."

"You know..." Seiichiro reached out to fleetingly brush a strand of Ruki's dark hair away. Truly, it was as wonderfully soft as it looked. "With me, you wouldn't ever get bored again. Interested?" His eyes studied the younger teen with unmistakable intentions. Ruki was a fine accessory to have, just what he needed to be able to show off even more. A drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend whom everyone wanted, but whom he possessed.

Pursing his charming lips a bit, Ruki noticed just how hungrily that stare lingered on this plush pair of his. "Maybe."

Seiichiro wasn't bad to look at, not at all. He was older, very handsome, had reputation and a renown name, money, and a hell of a lot of power. He would be a fine match. But somehow, Ruki was more uncomfortable with the idea than he considered it a good one. Yet, how to say no? This wasn't like any other approach, this boy was at the top of the food chain, heir apparent to a multimillion corporate empire and even if Ruki himself came from a wealthy background, Seiichiro was still way above and his position intimidated the younger teen something good. All about Seiichiro was intimidating and the words of refusal were stuck firmly in Ruki's throat. He couldn't just-

"I tell you what, Ruki-chan." Seiichiro bent down slightly, amused dark eyes studying that sinfully pretty face. "I'm the best you can get around here." He was right in that aspect of course, all the same the other's unabashed haughtiness was already setting off alarm bells in Ruki's mind. "I had my eyes on you for quite some time already, and you are the one I want."

He almost chuckled to himself - wasn't he a lucky boy. On the outside, he only lowered his eyes a little, with a small, almost demure flutter of finely swung eyelashes. He was used to frank words being spoken towards him, but in this particular situation...

"I'll take you out this Saturday, to a good place, where we can have a good time. What do you say?"

It really didn't sound like a very good idea to the young brunette but his usually witty brain left him hanging and out of options. Thus it was with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach that he replied a soft: "Sure."

Seiichiro laughed out, grin and gaze cheerful. "Superb. I'll come pick you up around eight." Though Ruki was one of the rich boys himself, with his father having some great influence on different parts of this city's business, the boy himself was yet too young to drive an own car. He belonged to the high society, much like Seiichiro, even if they still stood on differently elevated steps. But Seiichiro's power and his beauty, it was a perfect match, wasn't it? He was a status symbol... and the thought sickened him. He knew what the other wanted and yet he still couldn't escape the pressure of complying with the way this world the two of them were a part of worked.

"We'll see us tomorrow then." The older teen leaned in a little more and pressed his lips to the smooth skin of the sitting youth's porcelain-pale cheek. Like a claiming mark. Ruki almost shuddered, but kept his lips curled in a suave line.

The bell rang barely a minute after Seiichiro had returned to the own classroom. Instantly, he was encircled by a couple of boys more, all his buddies and lackeys and they laughed and talked loudly enough for Reita to hear. He was a rather serious, maybe even a little bit menacing-looking presence and his desk stood on exactly the same spot Ruki's was standing on only a few rooms away. At the back of the room, at the window.

"So he agreed?"

"Course he did. As if you can say no to me. He's mine now." Seiichiro's voice, confident, loud, conceited.

A jealous snigger. "Damn you, Sei. That's a fine piece of ass you got yourself there."

"Definitely." The President of the Student Council smirked. "Can't wait to get the little sweetheart laid. I bet he gives amazing blowjobs with those pretty lips of his."

More snorting and laughter, Reita's brows furrowing in contempt and disgust. If the rumors were true? Whatever was wrong with that Ruki-fellow to enjoy being a cheap sex-toy to the high and mighty. Did the petite brunette really know how he was being objectified and bragged about like this, and did he really not care? Then again that wasn't really any of Reita's business anyhow, now was it.

"Humph." He sounded, more to himself, but Seiichiro's attention snapped to him one way or another.

"You got a problem, Suzuki?" A laid-back question, the black-haired boy's body reclined leisurely against his desk.

Fawn eyes swayed their guarded stare to the president's figure before a soft baritone sounded calmly in space. "No. Want me to cause you some?"

Seiichiro and his buddies snickered in unison, but backed off in disguise of non-care. They would know better than to butt heads with Reita. Especially here. "Chill out, pal. Do you always have to be so grouchy?" Mockery. But it wasn't irking Reita all too much. Yet.

"Seeing your ugly mug every day can do that to one." He had always wanted to polish said mug good but up until now, verbal fights were all there was. Seiichiro, despite his attitude, was wary of him, and Reita himself didn't need any additional trouble. Perhaps he really would be able to graduate without any acts of violence occurring between him and the black-haired asshole over there.

"Look who's talking. Yours appears to be malformed enough to cover up."

The blonde's brows furrowed further, fathomless eyes spiking a flame of irritation, but the situation was discharged by the teacher coming in.

Much like always, Reita didn't pay much attention during class. His marks were regular, but they were enough to not fear not making the graduation this year. And as far as he was concerned, that was all that counted. He didn't really fit in into this elite school and he knew many were puzzled about how he even got in here because neither his daddy nor his mommy were filthy rich. In fact, nobody save the principal knew anything about his parents or his background and he liked to keep it that way. Even his biker buddies were a fraud compared to him, just rich kids attempting to act tough and try out the lifestyle of a badass - or rather, poorly imitate it. But well, he didn't want to be completely antisocial so he put up with them the best he could, plus it also helped him to keep trouble at the minimum and not stick out from the mass too much.

It was later that evening, standing at the parking lots and about to put his helmet on and get onto his bike, that the taciturn blonde saw Ruki again. The other boy looked rather petite and fragile amid the group of Seiichiro and his buddies, all sporty, bulky individuals with too much free time, so Reita thought.

"Tsk. I suppose Seiichiro got himself a new trophy." The voice next to him made him glance up to his own companions strolling towards him.

"Yeah. Would you look at that? Fucking disgusting."

Even though, he could tell that it was jealousy to the greater part that spoke out of his so-called friends just there. His dark-brown eyes let their gaze sway again to observe the group of people he had been observing before. Seiichiro and his cronies were guffawing about whatever stupid joke might have fallen there, the president's arm looped around the slim shoulders of the younger boy next to him, whom he kept pressed close almost like displaying a newly acquired possession. Reita frowned in disapproval. Looked like that Ruki fellow really was a cheap harlot. Then again, going out with the president of the student council was considered winning first prize. So perhaps he was an expensive harlot.

"Whatcha think, Rei?" To the question, Reita only shrugged his shoulders.

"None of my business." His face got covered by smooth, shimmering plastic then and he swung his body onto his bike, the powerful engine roaring up seconds later.

The sound made Ruki turn his head that direction while he tried ignoring the fact of how uncomfortable Seiichiro's embrace felt. The graceful brunette himself felt uncomfortable as well in the company of all these boys, men almost, all older than him, all talking about things he couldn't say anything about simply because he knew no one of them well enough, or at all, to be able to take proper part in the conversation. Then again, likely no one wanted him to be taking part in the first place. He was simply there, a beautiful decoration at Seiichiro's side, to underline the other's position and power. Look, he could have all and anyone. The uneasy feeling in the pit of Ruki's stomach did nothing but intensify to the point of where he wished he could simply go home.

"What are you staring at, sweetheart?" They haven't even been out yet, but already he was being called pet names.

Forcing a faint smile onto his pretty lips, Ruki shook his head. "Nothing." There really wasn't anything to stare at anymore because all that was left to see of Reita's bike was the red rear-light as he braked to steer into the turn and ultimately disappeared out of view.

"Shall I give you a ride home?" Seiichiro offered meanwhile, grinning a perfectly white-teethed grin. Ruki shook his head again, avoiding looking into that self-important expression directly. At last, he moved his shoulder to let the other's intrusive arm slip off him a little bit.

"No need to. My mother comes to pick me up." Of course public transport wasn't something Ruki would ever consider setting a foot in. His parents would never approve of that, either. They thought their son better than that, and they had taught him of his social status well, too.

"Okay, then." At last, Seiichiro moved his heavy arm away and Ruki was quick in attempting to slip away completely, but before he could, a firm hand seized grip on his slim wrist.

"I'll see you Saturday. Eight o'clock?"

"Yeah. I'll be waiting." Waiting for that sinfully expensive, silver BMW Seiichiro owned to stop in the entranceway of Ruki's grand home. He could almost hear the voice of his step-father in his ears, the man had always been displeased with his step-son's bisexuality but somehow, he doubted that he would have too much to say about it this time around. After all, Seiichiro was not just any boy. And Ruki's stepdad had always wanted to get into the good graces of Seiichiro's own father. What better way to start a long-desired partnership than by blessing the own kids into a happy relationship? And besides, Seiichiro was the best you could possibly dream to get around here. Ruki suppressed the urge to grimace. Damn right Seiichiro was. His ego was the biggest you could get around here as well.

The taller teen leaned in, but Ruki was quick to incline his head so that the kiss he was given, landed on the silky surface of his cheek instead. Seiichiro's cronies fell silent, one of them lifting an eyebrow, their expressions somewhat between disbelief and amusement. The president of the council himself faltered in his actions a little, but ultimately reclined back again, scrutinizing the gorgeous little thing in front of him. Ice Prince, huh?

Ruki could almost see the irreverence pass those eyes, but it didn't bother him as he stepped away with a dignified smile on his dainty lips and left the group with a parting "See you."

Unlike anything everyone who saw him thought, these perfect lips of his had not been touched by any other pair just yet. And he was not ready to give up that privilege to just anyone either. Goddamn president of the student council or not.


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Karyta: Ruki - Decadekyoselflove on October 11th, 2014 02:20 am (UTC)
I can tell this is going to be epic xD lol School setting, rich boy Ruki and trouble maker Reita, oh my god, perfection.

Can't wait for more <3
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 12th, 2014 04:43 pm (UTC)
Well then I hope the story will manage to meet that expectation =) Reita and Ruki always go well together, but I must say this particular concoction is one of the best out there, yes *laughs*

Enjoy the next chapter, and thank you for your comment <3!