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29 October 2014 @ 08:21 pm
Deception Package, 4/?  
Title: Deception Package
Author: gazerock4eva
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Smut
Disclaimer: The boys of the GazettE belong to themselves, I only own the story
Chapters: 4/?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MalexMale relationship in all its glory
Summary: At first sight, they are as different as two human beings can ever be; a perfect opposite of one another. Influenced by contrasting ways of growing up, of living life, of seeing things and of being looked at by others, they'd never thought how deceptive facades could really be, or what you can find if you take the time and make the effort to look beyond defensive veneers.
Synopsis: Right then he had the urge to slap himself. They'd met once, talked once, kissed once and here he was already thinking about dates and being together. He didn't know what yesterday had meant to Reita. Might have been something, might have been nothing at all. How well did he really know that boy to be so sure Reita wasn't simply having his fun yesterday? He might have forgotten all about Ruki by now.

[Chapter 1]
[Chapter 2]
[Chapter 3]

Author's Note: Since Phoenix and ADF took up all the free writing time last week, this chapter had to wait until this week. I was half-tempted to leave it until the weekend altogether, but maybe I will manage to get another one up then instead *laughs*

Thanks to all of my wonderful readers and reviewers for the support, you guys know how to keep my Muses motivated!

So off goes another chapter; enjoy <3!

Deception Package

Chapter 4

It was well past 2 p.m. already when he awoke. It took him another hour to crawl out of bed, take a shower, grip his keys and go outside - without having breakfast or seeing his parents. He just wanted to get the hell out of the house because he couldn't stand being in there today. It was Sunday, the weather was great as it should be this time of the year, but Ruki's mood was awful. He still felt tired, mentally more so than physically, and aside that he...

Sighing, the young brunette slowly shut his eyes and opened them up again, chasing the memories of yesterday night - or rather today's very early - morning away. He didn't want to think about that. If he could, he would want to forget about it altogether. It's been a while, hasn't it... He thought bitterly to himself as he walked aimlessly down the street.

He should really try to think about something else. Something nice. About yesterday perhaps or better yet, about a specific time span. The one after the horrible evening he'd spent with Seiichiro and the abuse-attempt he had almost fallen victim to, as well as before the moment he overstepped the doorsill of his house in the morning. Simply stated, he thought about Reita. The coming to the rescue, the... kiss, the ride on the bike. They haven't spoken all too much but the older teen had left a lasting impression on him. Reita was quite an individual, cool, calm, composed... Attractive, too. He was confident, although on a wholly different level than Seiichiro or Ruki's father were. He didn't put on airs or flaunted his power, he didn't use it to take what he wanted regardless all and everything. Reita was just... different.

Ruki liked the older teen's attitude, no matter what he'd heard people talking in school. The last person who would seriously believe in rumors would be him, seeing as he himself was an everlasting subject of them, even though he had not been without his prejudices. From what he'd figured, as long as one didn't seriously piss him off, Reita wasn't a bad guy at all. He just seemed more like an... 'actions speak louder than words' kind of person, only that he wasn't afraid to actually act whenever it was necessary unlike so many others who prided themselves of being the proactive type.

And then of course there was the memory of that first, real kiss he'd received yesterday. It made Ruki's lips tingle and his stomach shrink with the pleasant memory of the sensations the contact had caused. He didn't deny he had liked that, why even? He had also enjoyed the way Reita had held him - resolutely but not forcedly, so very unlike Seiichiro's grabby hands and claiming embraces. Ruki didn't deny the appeals of Reita's looks either, even with the strap of material running across his face. In fact, that made him even more... handsome? Enigmatic was perhaps the better way to word it. He was really curious about the reason for the unusual style.

He liked the classy motorbike, too. He like the fact Reita worked. And he loved the fact that he had smashed Seiichiro's impeccable nose. A small grin twitched Ruki's lips as he recalled with satisfaction the hefty punch which that fist had delivered to the bastard's face, and the president's moaning and whining. Served that asshole right. He couldn't name another person far and wide who'd dare to strike out against Seiichiro like that, not only verbally but physically as well. Yet Reita hadn't been in any way hesitant or afraid to do so. In general, he seemed to hardly ever lose his cool; almost indifferent about all and everyone, and yet never remaining ignored himself.

Ruki had many friends, perhaps more than he bothered to know, but he didn't have any he could call real or loyal. Of whom he could be sure that they wouldn't turn right around and stab him in the back the moment it would be convenient for them. He didn't trust people because mostly, all they wanted from him was one and the same thing. But Reita... he was genuinely interested in getting to know more about the reticent blonde.

He wondered if Reita had a girlfriend. Then again, he wouldn't have kissed Ruki if he had one. And Ruki was no girl, so if the other wasn't gay, then at least bi. He wondered what Reita had thought to that kiss, or if he had thought anything to it at all, or maybe was thinking about it still. Ruki couldn't imagine his taciturn senior to be the type for going out on dates, at least not the conventional understanding of it. He could bet a relationship with Reita would be different from any standards or norms; it would be anything but usual. And he found he liked that thought. He found he... well. He found he liked Reita. Although they'd met face to face only yesterday. Although they'd spoken to each other only once. But for that, they'd already shared a kiss. They very first one for Ruki, and he really wouldn't mind a repetition...

At that, the seventeen-year-old blushed slightly. Don't tell him he'd encountered his first crush now. Being the heartthrob of so, so many, how could he start falling for somebody so entirely different from him? Reita was out of his league, and he was out of Reita's. They didn't match at all, were worlds apart, and he didn't even know if Reita wasted any thought on him by now. Really. Why should he be interested in someone like Ruki? He didn't seem the type who needed a beautiful accessory by his side, he didn't seem to care about what people thought of him in school or outside of it and maybe that was exactly what was drawing Ruki to him. Because he knew that if they were together, it would be out of genuine interest and not solely for the practical reasons of looks, status, prestige.

Right then he had the urge to slap himself. They'd met once, talked once, kissed once and here he was already thinking about dates and being together. He didn't know what yesterday had meant to Reita. Might have been something, might have been nothing at all. How well did he really know that boy to be so sure Reita wasn't simply having his fun yesterday? He might have forgotten all about Ruki by now.

Atop all that, Reita now was the only one who knew Ruki's biggest secret. The teen cringed at the sole image of what would happen if that ever came out. The beautiful, confident, glorious Ice Prince – a virgin. He'd be picked apart and eaten alive - by mockery, and also by want. The main prize in a hideous competition for those desiring to be his "first"; to get him laid and then brag about how they were the ones to "deflower" him. Gods, he felt sick just thinking about that. Yet somehow, he knew Reita wouldn't tell anyone. He just didn't seem like the type to spread rumors or care much about gossip in the first place. Then again, why was he so sure about that? He didn't know the blonde at all and yet despite that, since yesterday, he felt like he knew Reita better than he knew anyone else. And he definitely wanted to know more...

Unwittingly Ruki stopped and looked around, surprised. He had ended up at his school, the yard empty but there were voices coming from the playing field. The thudding of a ball impacting on asphalt rhythmically. Were there people there, playing basketball? It sounded like that. After crossing the huge yard he indeed saw a group of boys behind the fence which circled the sports field, around ten of them, all older students, chasing the ball. Or chasing after the one who currently had it, indomitably dribbling towards the hoop. At first he didn't recognize that figure dressed in a casual attire of simple black sports shorts and a white t-shirt; only when he was able to glance at the profile of that face did he instantly identify who it was because of the stylish piece of cloth that ran across those features currently in an expression of calm concentration. A powerful jump, a steady fling of wrist, and the ball plummeted through the rim and to the ground, bouncing off it. Score.

Landing effortlessly on his feet again Reita caught the ball, free hand held out to accept the laudatory low fives of his team mates. Ruki had seen a few of them around the blonde at school already and a couple more were surely from their school as well, while some of them he couldn't recall having ever seeing before. The teenagers seemed engulfed in their play therefore no one noticed Ruki's lithe little figure entering the field and making his way to the bleachers. It was easy for him to detect which of the spread out gym bags belonged to Reita since it for one lay a bit aside from the others and, most importantly, it was the only one next to which a shimmering, black helmet was placed.

Carefully sitting down next to Reita's possessions, the pretty brunette focused on watching the game. Ruki liked basketball though he rarely played it himself and only a few minutes were needed to come to the conclusion that Reita was pretty amazing on the field. It didn't take him long to figure out which boys were on which team and although all of them played quite well, only two were really outstanding. One of them was his yesterday's unexpected savior, who the other one was Ruki didn't know. Each of them was on a different team and with the support of their team mates those two were delivering a great show of skill and effort.

Needless to say Ruki was more interested in watching Reita than watching anybody else. The dexterous, swift movements of that athletic body, the expression of those semi-covered features, the way he controlled the ball and the way he scored the points. He didn't know which team was winning but inwardly he cheered each time Reita hounded the ball through the net of the basket. Powerful slam-dunks appeared to be his specialty and he looked damn good performing them – the confident dribbling, the impressively high jumping and the energetic downward slam of the ball straight through the hoop.

He didn't know how long he had sat there and enjoyed watching but eventually, the game came to an end. From the cheers and the expressions he understood Reita's team must have won, though the blonde himself was reserved in displaying elation about it, receiving friendly pats or approving slaps on his sturdy back and shoulders then and there while delivering a few appreciative gestures himself to some boy or the other. Faced with his best opponent during the game, he extended his right hand for a firm shake and a typical, masculine half-a-hug, the field rivals' bodies hitting shoulder to shoulder in acknowledgment of each other's game performance before parting.

At last the older teen's gaze swayed the direction of where his things were left and for a moment, fawn eyes stared at the beautiful surprise that throned there as well. Reita had felt a lingering gaze on himself during the game but hadn't thought much to it, only now understanding just who had watched him during his weekly exercise which he would always prefer to any fitness center in the world anytime. Sweat trickled in fine lines down the sides of his face, well-build body heated up by the welcome work-out of bones and muscles.

An impressed whistle from behind him snapped his attention back to those around him. "Woah. Who's that little cherry up there waiting for?"

From the way their gazes had crossed and considering whose things Ruki sat next to, the answer to that must've become obvious to some faster than to others, so one of the boys sounded a good-heartedly teasing snicker: "Oi, Reita. Did you score yourself a private cheerleader?"

"And not just any cheerleader." Another interjected amusedly. "It had to be the hottest bitch in school, eh? I tip my hat to you, good sir."

An imposing frown crossed the blonde's features, dark eyes glancing to the jokester at his right. "Shut up." His strong voice, low and calm, signaled that he was finding this nowhere near as amusing, so his accompanists zipped their lip about it quite immediately indeed. Reita wasn't known for his sense of humor and mocking him even playfully was always a play with the fire, his temper was well-known to them and no one wanted blood and broken bones to round up this rather very pleasant gathering.

The little crowd soon dissipated, each boy strolling to his bag and so did Reita as well. Arrived at his destination the blonde gave Ruki another inquisitive stare. "What're you doing here?"

"Sitting." Ruki stated the obvious.

Reita snorted softly, reaching into his gym bag for the bottle of water there. Uncapping it he made a few large swallows before bending his head down and emptying the rest of the liquid onto his neck and back of his head in means of refreshment. With the heat of the day continuing to gain intensity, the water would surely dry up again in another few minutes.

Ruki observed the act with a bit of amusement, raising his tuneful voice for an honest compliment: "Your game was great, by the way. How long have you been playing basketball?"

A short shake of head sent some water droplets to land on his unexpected visitor before the older teen looked up again. "For almost five years."

Brushing a small crystal bead off his silky cheek, Ruki lifted a well-manicured brow. "Wow." That surely explained the level of professionalism, and caused him wonder why the other hadn't joined the school team; he'd surely be an asset.

Reita's answer to that would have been pretty easy: he didn't like the school team. He didn't like its whiny coach and he especially didn't like the sissy players - too strong of a push and they already made a drama out of it. He didn't like professional basketball as it was. Way too pompous for his tastes, the whole frills around it, the screechy cheerleading, the stupid mascots, the load of unnecessary rules in the game itself, restricting your play style. Street basketball was simply more his thing, where nobody blew the whistle if you shoved somebody to the ground while snatching the ball from them.

"Do you play?" Asking, he plopped down onto one of the benches as well, watching the other boys leave in smaller or bigger groups.

"No." Ruki's eyes idly swayed over the sports field as well. Somehow, the two of them ended up the only ones left pretty quickly. "I like the game, but I don't play." He enjoyed sport and he was good in many things considering it, but he didn't participate in group games or PE lessons altogether anymore simply because he'd grown tired of the constant, 'accidental' groping that happened there very swiftly.

Fortunately it was no problem for somebody of his status to be excused from something like group PE - permanently, because he could afford a private sports tutor who could attest him the necessary achievements. Thus the 'A' for PE was a secured letter on his report card, as much as it was for every other subject on it. The downside of that was of course that all and any activity requiring more than two persons was off the practice list for him.

But he couldn't just tell Reita all that, could he now. And he didn't really want to lie.

Therefore. "I'm too short, anyway." He chuckled gently. Perhaps his eyes told another story; it was why he avoided looking at Reita. There was brief silence between them then, until the blonde suddenly rose to his feet.

"Wanna try?"

Those pools of iridescent hazel hue at last gazed back at Reita, perplexed.

"What...?" Ruki didn't quite believe the offer he was made. Reita appeared unperturbed, nodding towards the field below where the ball still lay abandoned.

"Do you want to try?" He repeated, visibly amused over the expression on those far too gorgeous features. When he dropped the proud attitude, the 'Ice Prince' wasn't that icy at all. He was rather really cute.

Ruki blinked before a faint smile graced his perfect lips eventually. "Sure." Why not? At least with Reita, he was certain that no groping would occur; the other teen could do without that just fine.

His brand-name clothing was probably not exactly the proper attire to play basketball in, but it wasn't like they played an earnest game anyway. At first he simply tried to keep the ball in his possession longer than a couple of seconds and despite the fact that Reita was clearly superior, he didn't use the fact to flaunt. "He's such a show-off, that Suzuki." Definitely not. Instead, he earnestly tried to teach the younger boy proper tricks and tactics and since Ruki was anything but stupid, he learnt well and quickly. So with a couple of hours passed, he was pleased with his own small successes in their dribbling duels even if he barely stood a chance should Reita get really serious. But it was good to see that he could by now entice the other to get serious altogether in order to prevent his smaller opposite from reaching the basket.

He could still tell Reita was going easy on him concerning the roughness of his play - he'd seen the boy on the field, his use of his physical strength had been anything but harmless. He could have easily brought Ruki off his feet, but although contact was there, the petite brunette never once landed on his finely shaped butt. Other than that Ruki diligently tried not to let said bodily contact, whenever it did happen, distract him from the game too much.

In turn, it surprised Reita that the younger teen had such stamina, showing first signs of exhaustion only after a few hours of running, jumping and dribbling. He hadn't thought somebody like Ruki to be as fit as the other was, briefly wondering just what kind of physical exercise the little beauty did to keep himself in such commendable shape. Couldn't be sex as the rumors suggested, so it had to be something else.

The sun hung low over the horizon when the ball was skillfully hit out of Ruki's hands for the last time today, same delicate hands stemmed onto pants covered thighs as he took a moment to catch his breath again. "I think that's it for me." He chuckled, glancing up at Reita who smirked mildly in reply.

"Fair enough. To be honest I hadn't expected you to last half as long."

Now it was Ruki's turn to grin, straightening out again he stuck the tip of his tongue at the taller teen. Reita huffed in amusement, throwing the ball at the feisty creature hard enough to make Ruki stumble a few steps back as he caught it.

"For somebody who doesn't play often, you did real well." Was the blonde's comment then, causing Ruki's grin to smooth out into a sweet smile.

"Yeah, sure." He still snorted self-mockingly. "I didn't score even once." Hadn't even really had a chance, but that didn't matter anyway. He'd had a lot of fun during this little training session which he was very thankful for. It made it easier to forget everything else.

Reita looked at him for a moment, impenetrable dark eyes impossible to read.

A few steps done then brought the blonde almost underneath the rim. "Come here." He called calmly, and with the ball still in his hands Ruki walked over to the other, bemused. Rounding the little frame, the older teen's arms secured a grip on that snug little waist and lifted the featherweight up, making Ruki gasp in both surprise and the thrill of sudden contact.

"Now dunk it."

At last it clicked in Ruki's mind and he laughed out freely and cheerfully, slamming the ball through the hoop much like he'd seen Reita do countless times today. Lowered back to his feet, he turned to the other who just grinned at him and briefly tousled up the shorter boy's silky, styled hair. To himself, Reita noted that it'd been the first time he'd heard Ruki laugh - really laugh, artlessly and freely, the sound sweet and natural and quite pleasing to the ears.

In playful annoyance, Ruki gently slapped that hand away from messing up his chestnut strands and then suddenly realized just how close they stood. His breath hitched with the sudden leap of his heart within his chest and just for a moment, he imagined that body up against his own and lips touching. The placid, penetrative gaze of those slightly narrowed eyes didn't make it any easier on him because he felt like Reita could see right through him and into his unruly head crawling with such scandalous images.

All tension was discharged however by the soft little sound of Ruki's tummy rumbling. Obviously it was very dissatisfied with the fact that the last thing its master had eaten remained yesterday night's orange juice.

Reita cocked a dark eyebrow. "I hope that's no sign that you're on some crazy diet." Ruki certainly didn't need any, shapely and slender as he already was.

The younger teen gave off an adorably embarrassed laugh, shaking his head. "Nah. I just..." He hadn't eaten for... well. Over a day? There had been no time and no incentive for food intake in view of everything that had happened.

"I can drop you off at your house."

At that offer however, Ruki shook his head again, more firmly this time and averted his gaze. "Thanks... I don't want to go home just yet." He wouldn't want to go home at all, if he could.

"Where shall I drop you off then?"

A faint shrug of shoulders. "Don't know..." Reita could as well just leave him here, even if that prospect wasn't at all a very cheerful one. Lifting his head again Ruki just looked at the older teen for a moment, and then asked a very simple question that probably couldn't be more complicated in essence. "Can't I come with you?" No matter that he didn't know where Reita himself planned on going right now.

Once more the reserved blonde observed him in that particular way as though he attempted to - or maybe even could - read his mind. He shrugged as well then. "If you like."

A small, relieved smile touched Ruki's lips. "I do." It was so wonderfully simple, with Reita. No questions, no loops to jump through; it almost seemed like he didn't really care and yet it didn't give you the feeling that he didn't want you there. Being with and around him was wonderfully easy because he didn't complicate things. It was so nice and refreshing after the convoluted world of the rich and the privileged where plots, schemes, falsehood, pretences and lies were as natural as drawing breath.

Turning, Reita started making his way back to his things still lying on the bleachers. "Let's go, then."

And with a small, merry smile on his pretty lips Ruki willingly followed.


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Isabellaravennightmare6 on October 29th, 2014 09:47 pm (UTC)
HI! (first comment, yay!)

Ok. First thing's first. I'm sorry I haven't commented before. I really don't know what I was waiting for, I guess I'm just a lazy fuck sometimes. So I apologize for that. But I'm here now and I am ready to leave you a long squealy comment ^3^

Alright. I. LOVE. THIS. STORY. Seriously. This is like everything I love in one fic. I'm a huge sucker for High School AUs so that had me hooked from the very beginning before I'd even really gotten into the nitty gritty of everything. I don't know what it is about HS fics that I love, seeing as high school is a fucking bitch. But oh well. I was always secretly hoping that you’d do a HS fic someday so I’m super mega happy that you did ^_^

I love your writing style and the way you describe everything like the surroundings, the characters, their emotions. It’s all just perfect. I especially absolutely love the way that you write Reita and Ruki, and not just in this fic but in all of your others as well. Out of all the fics I’ve ever read I have to say that I love your characterization of them the most. Usually I’m the type that’s like ‘just because this character is a bottom doesn’t mean they’re super feminine blah blah blah’. But I really find that I don’t mind at all with the way you write Ruki. I just- ugh. I don’t even know how to explain it. You just make him SO beautiful. The way you describe him, writing things like ‘the delicate creature’ and things like that just gets me. I don’t know why *shrugs* But yes. And Reita as well. I love how you always seem to write him as the strong silent type, sometimes a bit of a bad ass, but always with a heart of gold. It’s the perfect characterization of him. So I commend you on your characters, they’ve gotta be one of my favourite things about your writing because they’re deep, well-developed, well described, interesting. Just perfect.

What I love in particular about this fic is the idea of looking behind someone’s mask. You know, like not believing what everyone says about a particular person or event. I’m a big believer in the fact that people shouldn’t be judged by their cover. And so I find myself relating with this storyline so, SO much because I’m often on the receiving end of the judging. The concept has gotta be one of favourite’s ever. That and bokunojinsei’s Academy For Liars ^_^ I’m really, really loving how you’re developing the story so far and the events that’ve taken place. That moment on the basketball court when Reita lifts Ruki up to get a ‘slam dunk’ just made my heart melt :’)

I have to say that the length of your chapters is perfect. Not too long, not too short but still with the perfect amount of detail. When I write I always find that I’m pushing myself to get up around to 5,000-6,000 word range, but you seem to be able to fit everything into about 3,000-ish words on average. So I’m super jealous of that talent.

So, all up, I’m absolutely in love with this fic. I honestly can’t get enough. It’s definitely creeping its way of the scale of my favourite fics ever. Well done on this story, lovely and I really hope to read more from you soon <3
fansandflamesfansandflames on October 30th, 2014 03:36 am (UTC)
Ah I LOVE Academy for Liars that's one of my absolute favorites I wish it would be updated.
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on November 1st, 2014 06:52 pm (UTC)
Hi there!

And well, as they say, there's a first time for everything =3 Well, we all can be lazy sometimes, and there's nothing wrong with that. So long as we sometimes do take the time to do the things we need and should be doing, it's all good.

I'm very happy you enjoyed the story so far, it's theme and setting included. I suppose highschool fics are especially appealing exactly because all of us had to go through school in our lives and we can relate to a lot of things from personal experience. And well, sometimes it's probably just the good old glee that makes us giddy watching the fictional struggle of others going through the same crap that we once had to go through *laughs*

I'm glad you like my writing style, detailed writing is not everybody's thing and I had people telling me that I write too detailed, too *laughs* Personally, I always think of writing as painting with words and the more details are on a painting, the prettier it is. Writing is much the same, if you want to create a comprehensible and thought-provoking picture, you gotta try to bring it to life. But I always sucked at drawing so the only way I can try to transfer the pictures in my head into the head of another is to try and paint it for them in words.

Ruki is a special case for me *laughs* I adore the man so much, so whenever I write him, I think my admiration for him comes through a lot. The same is true for when I write Reita, I just have these images of them in my head that I absolutely love and as with anything that we love, the longer we work on it the better we become in presenting it. I worked on these characterizations of Reita and Ruki for years, adding more details to each of them and while I may put them in different setting, adjust their pasts and the scenarios I put them in, the core picture of them remains the same by now. That's is why they are so easy to write for me by now, and why they usually come out very elaborative. I'm always delighted to hear that people like the way they turned out, so thank you for your praise <3

The concept of masks and prejudices and wrong judgments is a very old one that never gets old *laughs* You can make so many variation of it and everybody writes and perceives it differently, it's almost impossible to run out of ideas. It's wonderful to know that you are enjoying this story so much so far and I can only hope to continue keeping it that way =) As for the fluff, I've always been a big fan of it and I like to insert it into my stories. And Reita and Ruki are usually very perfect for it, too.

I usually try to keep the chapters at about the same length, but from experience I know that I have the tendency to write longer chapters the further I get into the story *laughs* I have a story where it started at about 4000-5000 words a chapter and got up to 8000-10000 eventually XD

I hope next chapter won't disappoint, then! I'll do my best to keep it creeping up that scale of yours and I thank you very much for your support and your appreciation. There's no better motivation and gratification for author and Muse than that <3!
fansandflamesfansandflames on October 30th, 2014 03:34 am (UTC)
Ah~ another wonderful chapter ^^. All these updates from you are so wonderful so thanks for them :D. I still love how things are going and didn't expect them to meet up again so soon. Ruki having his first real crush is adorable I'm glad there's going to be a lot of first here with him as it makes everything so melt worthy. I'm super curious as to where Reita will be taking him maybe to his house? Also to how things will be going at school for the two of them, I just can't for more of this story XD.
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on November 1st, 2014 06:54 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you're very much welcome =)

Well, usually things tend to develop quite fast in my stories, yes *laughs* I'm glad the fluff is making hearts melt, I need them nice and jelly before I harden them up with the upcoming drama XD

Things in school should get reaaaaally interesting for both of them, too. Hopefully my storytelling won't disappoint when it comes to that *laughs*

Thank you kindly for your support, m'dear~ <3!
creepy_cally on October 30th, 2014 01:18 pm (UTC)
I loved the fact that reita had smashed Seiichiro's impeccable nose too... lol. That jerk could have seen it coming with the way he acts all the time. Ah, now I'm gonna be honest here... when I saw this update here after a gazillion times of refreshing the page, I had to control myself and screamed mentally because I don't wanna risk looking like a half craze person in the public... let me tell you, it's hard. Haha! But that doesn't change the fact that I do enjoy reading this very much. I'm glad to see these two had established a some what special connection between them, especially with the way reita seemed to be able to read ruki like an open book and ruki who seemed to know reita's personality even though they had only truly known each other for a short significant amount of time... A teeth rotting short but sweet time to be honest. Haha. I mean you can have millions of friends but not all truly knows you well... and given ruki's character was one that was treated like a trophy to people like seiichiro, then again he probably seen a lot of ingenuity. Thank you for sharing this! :)
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on November 1st, 2014 07:25 pm (UTC)
If only all problems could be solved by punching assholes in the face *laughs* You don't really need to be refreshing the page for updates to appear, though. Usually I try to keep my readers informed well on whenever a new chapter comes out XD But I'm flattered that you're looking forward to new chapters so much ^_^

It's still curious to me how easily Reita and Ruki seem to fit together in my fics when I write them. I really have to try and write a story where that's not the case but I think that would likely be impossible XD I'm happy you like the chemistry between them so far, fluffy and romantic as it yet is. Because we all know that I love my drama, too *lol*

You're welcome, and I hope the next chapter will not disappoint either. Thank you very much for your support <3!
ankaraferusankaraferus on October 30th, 2014 06:19 pm (UTC)
gahhhhhhhhhhh this was so cute I can't stand it. the image of Reita lifting Ruki under the basketball hoop will be forever in my mind <3
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on November 1st, 2014 07:26 pm (UTC)
I'm glad! *laughs* It's one of my favorite images of them, too. At times like these I wish I could draw, but I can only paint with words and I'm happy I've been successful in this case.

Thank you for your comment!
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Well... I think it might turn into a little bit more than a date, but I will refrain from spoilers XD

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Yes, I am trying to avoid cliffhangers (so far). It's been a relatively peaceful start and this chapter was even more of an interlude, but well, all of this is a build-up for the things to come. These two are definitely in the progress of getting to know each other and even though I suppose both of them had never been the type to trust rumors and gossip, they are indeed discovering that there is much more to either of them than others could ever know.

I think that might be a bit of the RP style shining through, like how we saw each other's characters through our characters eyes. If that makes sense *laughs*

Indeed, that's funny that sometimes letting people believe rumors is safer than actually telling them the truth because the truth might make them invent even more horrible stories. You would also think that social status wouldn't be a big barrier in our society nowadays, but its surprising how much that still affects relationships between people.

You're very much welcome! I enjoy sharing my stuff with people, but having time for it is sometimes as issue *laughs*

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Really? I have always liked the image of innocent Ruki, somehow I never had trouble imagining him as such. Then again I don't have trouble imagining him as many a other, except maybe the overly submissive type.

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This story does take it slow just yet, and there is going to be a few more chapters of these two getting closer before we dive into the intense stuff *laughs* Cute, innocent Ruki is always a delight to write, especially if he goes in hand with a confident, cool Reita. Somehow I find that mix very appealing in a relationship and I'm glad you're enjoying it so far as well.

Reita is pretty laid-back in this story, yes *laughs* We will definitely be getting more insight into both of their worlds starting with next chapter which I think revealed quite a lot already. At least as far as Ruki (and his family) is concerned, and I'm sure my Muses will get to Reita eventually, too.

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