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12 October 2014 @ 06:11 pm
Deception Package, 2/?  
Title: Deception Package
Author: gazerock4eva
Pairings: ReitaxRuki
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Smut
Disclaimer: The boys of the GazettE belong to themselves, I only own the story
Chapters: 2/?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MalexMale relationship in all its glory
Summary: At first sight, they are as different as two human beings can ever be; a perfect opposite of one another. Influenced by contrasting ways of growing up, of living life, of seeing things and of being looked at by others, they'd never thought how deceptive facades could really be, or what you can find if you take the time and make the effort to look beyond defensive veneers.
Synopsis: If asked Ruki himself, he just didn't want to risk making a fool of himself because the most bitter thing he'd ever drank would have probably been cold medicine. Not that anybody else needed to know that. Let them think whatever they liked, that he was being prudish or putting on airs or whatever else. He'd be damned if he justified his choices to anybody but himself.

[Chapter 1]

Author's Note: Yush! I wanted to get another chapter out before my weekend was over *laughs* I don't know how much time for writing I will have during the week since usually, I try to have all and everything school- and work-related done during weekdays and that keeps me quite busy. On the upside, that leaves my Saturdays and Sundays quite unburdened so fingers crossed that I can use the time for my favorite creative hobby.

You can expect this story to progress quicker up to chapter 5-6 or so, because that's how far Sera had managed to get when she worked on this. I don't have to do much just yet, only revise her stuff and rewrite/add a few passages here and there in order to adjust it to my own style. However, after that is done, I'm on my own and will have to continue by writing the chapters from scratch *laughs*

I mean, don't get the wrong picture, the story is based off of our RP but that doesn't mean it's as easy as copy-pasting. Those of you who ever RPed in paragraph style know what I'm talking about. Usually she and I kept our posts above 300-400 words and in only one character's perspective, it's all very detailed and descriptive and naturally that's not the format you write an actual fanfic in. The first chapter with its 3.800 words for example comprises a passage that is over 10.000 words in our original RP, so what I'm really doing here is taking the idea and putting it in entirely new wraps. Maybe you can draw a movie comparison here, where the script for one scene can be X pages long and the scene itself, once done, is only a few minutes of screen time.

The only thing I really borrow from the RP are the plot points, the atmosphere and most importantly the character designs, alongside a few particularly important phrases and paragraphs from the source material. It is a lot of fun of course, and also quite a lot of work but that's what writing is about: Rising to the challenge! *laughs*

I'm happy all of you are having fun with this so far as well, and hopefully it'll stay that way. This said, off goes:

Deception Package

Chapter 2

Saturday evening. Standing in front of his full-length mirror integrated into the door of his huge walk-in closet, Ruki gave himself an approving glance-over. The seventeen-year-old wasn't used to anything but looking good, driven not only by the distinctive feeling of pride but also by the set family standards. His parents always looked impeccably presentable no matter the occasion, and they demanded of their son nothing less as well.

A soft knock on the door caused him to turn around as he was, dressed in a classy white suit that looked perfect on him but nowhere business-like. His mother came in, a woman in her mid forties, yet looking like barely beginning her thirties. Matsumoto Yukiko was a gorgeous woman, it was easy to see where her boy had gotten his awe-inspiring looks from, and his step-father ever so often bragged about his beautiful wife - much to his step-son's disapproval. His mother was no accessory to wear... and neither was he himself. But alas, society loved making beauty and grace a showcase.

"How long will you be gone, Takanori?" She asked and he turned back to the mirror, picking at his brunette strands. His real name wasn't something he was used to hearing very often ever since first year junior high. It was the year his mother had remarried and the year their lives had so radically changed. Not that they were strangers to tragedy... He shooed those thoughts away again.

"I don't know. Why?" He counter-questioned instead even though he knew the why.

"Your father asked you to be home latest two hours after midnight."

Ruki snorted. Patronizing as hell, that man. "He's not my father." He corrected parenthetically, slipping into white shoes and glancing at his elegant wristwatch. Quarter to eight.

"Sweetheart, please. Stop trying to upset him." Sighing, she came over and started fumbling with the collar of his spotless jacket.

"Wouldn't ever dream of it." Ruki brushed her hands away, huffing derisively and wishing she would stop calling him names of endearments, too. It was embarrassing.

Her hands now tried to re-arrange his hair, but he intercepted the attempt as well, moving to pass his mother by without really looking at her. "I'll give you a call when I'm about to head home." After all, she was his designated driver to all and any places.

Not that his family couldn't afford hiring one, in fact his step-father never drove himself anywhere - sometimes Ruki wondered if the man was even still able to steer a car himself. Ruki's mother however, had the habit of chauffeuring her son around and he never really complained. Maybe it was just a reminder of easer, simpler days long passed for both of them.

Yukiko's chest heaved a heavy breath once more as she watched her child depart, same hand that denied her a touch multiply times stuffing the modern, expensive cell phone into the back pocket of the teen's pants.

"At least go say hi to him!" She called after his retreating figure, and walking down the corridor Ruki rolled his eyes. Before going downstairs he stopped at his step-father's office, knocking once, pulling the door open and peeking just his head inside.

"Hi." He threw a word into the room, the man behind the desk looking up from the papers he had been working on. Matsumoto Ryuutarou was a stately individual in his late forties, of a sturdy build and hard, unreadable facial features. A long-year businessman and a successful one, too, but the years of cutthroat business had made him a man with an iron fist and a steel heart. Wouldn't Ruki know best...

"Wouldn't you like to come in?" Voice strict, those impenetrable, dark eyes pierced him with a stern, judgmental stare.

"Nope. I got to go." Please no questions. Please no questions.

"I heard Seiichiro is coming to pick you up?"

Damn it. "Yes." He still refrained from coming in, more so, backed away a step so that not even his head was visible in the doorway anymore.

"Where exactly are you going to? And did your mother tell you when you should be back?"

But the teen was already at the stairs, descending down. He doubted his step-father would be all too delighted to know where he was going to. As for the other question... when did he ever listen to what that man was telling him? Right, never. Exactly why Ryuutarou got livid with him ever so often. Not that Ruki cared about it much, spiting his step-dad came as natural to him as breathing by now.


Ignoring the stentorian voice echoing from the office he'd left, he stubbornly proceeded in his way towards the front door.

"Don't you dare being late! You hear me?! And don't-"

Drink alcohol, do drugs and have unprotected sex. Yeah, you wished the bastard would be concerned about that. But all he was really concerned about, was being unable to display his influence. Ruki threw the door shut, growling in frustration. His step-father had the amazing ability to piss him off without even doing, or saying much. It could also be because he simply hated the man, for how he treated Ruki himself and for how he treated Ruki's mother. Asshole. Something he had desired to tell right to Ryuutarou's face many times already.

His delicate hand rose, and he touched it to the own cheek. "Sweetheart, please." Stop trying to upset him. He really should listen to his mother in that regard but the young brunette was anything if not rebellious. Looking up, he watched Seiichiro's snobbish car pulling in, loud music blaring out of the boxes as the driver's window pulled down, the black-haired teen coolly waving for him to come over. For a second, Ruki felt like gripping his head and starting to scream.

The life he lived, was sometimes driving him nuts.

But all that showed on his gorgeous face was a pretty smile, feline body moving smoothly to approach the vehicle and get inside. The soonest his shapely butt sunk onto the luxurious, grey leather of the seat, a hand came to lie upon his thigh.

"Ready for some fun, baby?"

He didn't appreciate the way those eyes roamed over his body because he knew it was exactly what they did despite the large sunglasses they hid behind. His lips twitched upwards minimally, and he made an undistinguishable sound.

"No need to be nervous." Seiichiro laughed out, patting the younger teen's thigh and at last took his hand away to place it on the gear lever. "As long as you're with me, you've got absolutely nothing to worry about."

Also not about that bubbling over self-assertion and arrogance of yours? But Ruki kept his lovely mouth shut, choosing to look out of the window and onto the evening streets instead. He soon didn't recognize the surroundings they were driving through anymore, having never been to this part of the city. Generally, Ruki wasn't outside as much as people thought he would be. His straight A's didn't come just out of nowhere and despite people's assumptions, he was no party animal but a smart, diligent boy who spent a lot of his time reading books and studying hard. He knew his step-father wanted to groom him into taking over the family business later on but Ruki would rather bite his own head off than let that happen. He didn't want anything from that man, least of all his position and status, it was already enough that he had to live in his house and let him pay for his clothes, his education and the daily necessities. For now.

He had not disclosed his plans about not wanting to follow his step-dad's footsteps to the man just yet because he knew if he did, all hell would break loose. And he needed to be ready for that, if he did get disowned he had to make sure he would be capable of taking care of himself and his mother. All he really wanted was to be free of this life she had married herself and her son into, and it was the one goal he worked towards. Just a few more years and hopefully, he would be able to leave this high society nightmare behind for good.

Lost in his thoughts, Ruki didn't even notice when the car halted in front of a respectable club. The neon sign above declared "The Red Rose" in pink and cyan letters, the evening sun already gone and the dusk making the name stand out even more. He shifted in his seat and raised his tuneful voice for the first time, having been silent the whole ride through.

"I don't think I'd be allowed to enter that place." Seventeen years of age, he was yet too young to set foot in such ambiences. Seiichiro beside him smirked, turning the keys to silence the engine.

"Baby, you leave that up to me. I can get you to anyplace you want." Gods, how sickeningly that self-important grin reminded Ruki of his step-father. And gods, how frightening it was to think that he might as well be following his mother's example right now, getting cozy with this cretin.

"You're not chickening out on me now, are you?"

Sometimes Ruki hated the own strong feeling of pride. Huffing softly he pushed the door open, a confident word slipping off his rosy lips. "Never."

Nearing the entrance of the club, Seiichiro's arm casually made its way around the petite brunette's shoulders and pressed the smaller body closer. "I'd need to see the ID, please." Needless to say, it wasn't Seiichiro's ID the bulky man at the entrance desired to have a look at. The president of the student council smiled imperiously.

"Believe me, you needn't see it at all." He assured, giving a lazy wave of hand towards somebody he already saw inside. "I'm his ID for tonight."

Somehow, Ruki suddenly remembered that his real ID was left forgotten back home, together with his wallet thanks to his mother. Oh, damn it. It meant Seiichiro would have to pay for everything tonight as well. Maybe he should just act like he expected the other to pay, so no one may know that he actually didn't have a cent on him.

Inside they made it to the VIP lounge up top, all black leather couch sets and low tables and even the ground under their feet was glass - you could see the dance floor and bar beneath. Just as he situated down onto the soft surface, the person behind said bar caught Ruki's attention. They seemed familiar, but he couldn't really see their face in the dimness within the club and the play of light reflecting off mirror balls was already giving him a headache. He had never been to a club before and now he knew why, as well as that he would never want to visit another one of this establishments again either.

The waiter arrived within mere seconds, the upper classmen's choices of hard liquor quite predictable. And then it was Ruki's turn to place his order which he did without battling an eye: "Juice for me, please."

Seconds of stunned silence before hearty laughter thundered, almost overtopping the loud music.

"Baby, you don't drink juices in places like this." Seiichiro still had troubles calming down, gulping down his snorts and snickers. "I'm not sure they even have any, aside the stuff they use for mixing!"

Ruki on his part remained wholly unimpressed. "Juice for me, please." He repeated again, absolutely serious. The waiter grinned insecurely and glanced at Seiichiro who only shrugged one shoulder dismissively.

"Get him his juice." He spoke in a lofty tone, chuckling. Either the beautiful brunette next to him was very juvenile, or very cautious.

If asked Ruki himself, he just didn't want to risk making a fool of himself because the most bitter thing he'd ever drank would have probably been cold medicine. Not that anybody else needed to know that. Let them think whatever they liked, that he was being prudish or putting on airs or whatever else. He'd be damned if he justified his choices to anybody but himself.

The waiter bowed and skittered away with a courteous "As you wish," while Seiichiro scooted along the couch, closer to Ruki. That arm again, very persistent in re-claiming its position around the younger teen's slender shoulders.

Ruki already didn't like the beginning of that evening, and much less did he like the progress of it, especially with Seiichiro and his buddies downing one hard drink after another. Their laughter grew louder, their jokes became obscene, and what disturbed him most – Seiichiro's progressively inebriated stares caught on him more and more often, with less and less effort to cover up the intentions of the older boy. Eventually that arm squeezed his shoulders, and its twin appendage suddenly appeared around Ruki's waist, boldly travelling higher with that hand undoing the two large buttons holding the hems of his suit jacket together. It was then that Ruki very slowly began to realize that he really, really shouldn't have agreed to this.

"Why so tense, Ruki-chan? Enjoy yourself... would you like a real drink this time, perhaps?" The voice at his ear was overlaid with lust, and the breaths striking at his face reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. He attempted to shift a bit away along his seat, but those arms held him in place quite firmly.

"No. I think I'd rather like some fresh air." He really felt a little bit dizzy all of a sudden, even more so as Seiichiro's hand slid along his shirt-covered chest suggestively.

"Oh come on, baby. Loosen up a little." Drunken laughter at his ear, and warm lips pressing to his cheek which heated up with a pinkish color, less out of embarrassment but more out of discomfort. "Or maybe I should help you do that, hmm?" Those lips travelled lower, nipping at his delicate skin, leaving a moist trail past his jawline and ultimately touching to the side of his neck.

"N-no, I'm fine. Sei-kun, just... No." Just, stop it. Just, don't. Don't, don't. Don't touch me. The caress of plump lips and wet tongue felt disgusting, and the shudder that rattled through him wasn't that of pleasure but of revulsion. "Please, I..." Had to get out. Out, out, out.

As teeth nibbled mildly at the elegant curvature of his neck near the collarbone, Ruki ultimately shot up to his feet, almost ramming the sharp edge of his shoulder into Seiichiro's face. "I really need some fresh air." He murmured hastily and hurried towards the stairs leading down and out of the lounge.

It was so much louder downstairs and he felt like a trapped, hounded animal for a moment. Too much noise... too many people... He darted towards the back exit, pushing through the crowd of dancing, cheerful, predominantly really drunk teenagers. The booming music was a horrific racket in his ears and he had trouble breathing in the thick air heavy with the smell of smoke, sweat and a mingle of all possible kinds of perfume, all of it blending into some nauseating odor he could barely stand. For inexplicable reasons his stomach was rebelling harshly enough to make him want to hurl, even if all that he'd had this evening was a few swallows of orange juice.

He hit the door open and tumbled out of the building into the chilly temperatures of the nightly city. His breakable chest fluctuated quickly and heavily, he breathed so deeply he almost felt faint for the first couple of seconds. One hand lifted, he desperately started wiping at his neck, expression sorrowful and aghast, body shaking either from the abrupt temperature drop or the emotions racing through him with the quickened beating of his heart.

"Eww..." He whimpered in misery, continuing to clean away invisible stains left by Seiichiro's unwanted touch. Now more than anything, he wanted to go home. Perhaps he should call his mother and ask, plead, beg for her to come and pick him up. Just as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, the back door behind him swung open.

"Oi, oi. You're not really thinking about leaving already, are you? Without having said a proper goodbye, too. That's kinda rude." Seiichiro's voice, amused but unsuccessful in covering up his evident displeasure. "Looks like the Ice Prince's about to give you the boot, Sei." The mock laughter of his drunk buddies still in his ears, the black-haired teen snorted to himself. No one was giving him the boot anytime soon. He wouldn't stand for being disrespected like that, and he was much too used to always getting what he wanted. He had never learnt to understand the meaning of the word No, and he wasn't about to let some snooty kid teach it to him.

Ruki froze, not daring to turn around and praying for this all to be a simple, bad dream. His hand was shaking and his fingers trembled as he focused on his phone and began scrolling down the directory. He really should put his mother on speed dial...

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" An affronted exclaim and the steps got closer, a hand slapping down onto his shoulder to yank him around. With the shock of the abrupt motion he lost hold on his cell phone that clattered to the ground and, like most expensive and exquisite things, cracked with its display going dark.

Staring at Seiichiro out of widened eyes, words got stuck inside his throat, if he could even think straight enough to know what to say. He wasn't given the opportunity to raise his voice in any manner either, gasping sharply at the push he was given, now back up against the rough, concrete wall. Ruki's delicate hands didn't even have a chance to rise, gripped ruthlessly by the wrists and pinned to the hard surface of same wall, right next to either side of his clever, spinning head.

Forcing his broad-shouldered body against the smaller, delicate one of the younger teen, Seiichiro's voice was a low, vile hiss at Ruki's pierced ear. "You little bitch's been playing ice princess on me since the fucking beginning. I think its time to defrost you some." Brusquely, his knee forced itself between Ruki's slender legs and he couldn't even make a sound as abominable fear almost chocked off all air.

Most of all, he desperately wished to wake up right now, even though some cruel corner of his mind told him very clearly that this was not a bad dream at all. His slinky body shook in disgust, humiliation and helplessness in the face of the position he was stuck in, plastered against the wall by Seiichiro's tall form, the other's intrusive thigh pushing against his crotch while those lips were back at kissing his neck.

"Don't..." He gasped out in revulsion and despair, whimpering at the painful perception of teeth rudely biting down on his tender skin.

"Let go of me!" Wiggling against the offending figure was in vain, he couldn't match the dominating strength of the older teen. Squeezing his eyes shut he bit his trebling lower lip and jerked his head away as Seiichiro attempted to kiss him, the stench of alcohol and the unwanted heat of another body so close making him nauseous.

Another try of those lips to claim Ruki's soft ones, but the boy snapped his head to the other side again, causing Seiichiro to growl in frustration. "Go on, play hard to get, then. I know what a little slut you really are." Lecherous, offensive words breathed into his ear, causing him to wince as his beautiful features scrunched up in wretchedness. Seiichiro knew nothing. He knew nothing. Nothing at all. Just filthy rumors, hideous talk, unfair accusations...

"Stop..." Ruki breathed out in a hard whisper, but he refused to plead. Not like this. Gods, please not like this.

"Hey." A calm but displeased voice led the president of the student council to pause in his motions, and Ruki snapped his eyes open.

"Get yourselves a room." A lighter clicked as the words were spoken, and Reita covered the little flame with his hand to shield it from the wind while making a drag to get the tip of his cigarette to glow. His eyes wandered back towards the two intimately entangled bodies again and only now did he actually recognize who stood there. Cigarette held between the lips, he blew the smoke out around the white cylinder. Great. Horny rich kids. You'd think they'd have the money to do this someplace more private than the back entrance of a freaking nightclub.

"Mind your own fucking business." Seiichiro grumbled, turning his despicable attentions to Ruki again. And probably Reita would have really decided to ignore them if those scared, chocolate-brown eyes didn't cross his own impartial gaze. The biker's eyes narrowed in a frown; it didn't look like the young boy over there enjoyed the position Seiichiro was holding him trapped in. No, in fact, he looked miserable and terrified.

"Now where were we?" With a dirty smile the black-haired teen leaned in and since those delectable lips escaped him yet again, satisfied his drunken self with capturing the soft earlobe of the younger boy instead, nibbling on it.

Stuffing his lighter and cigarette pack into his pocket again, Reita looked back at the unsightly scene, and found those misery-filled eyes still staring back at him. He doesn't want it? Well, it was more than obvious that Ruki didn't. Wasn't the kid underage, too?

"Sei. Let go of him." The words were spoken blankly, almost like a parent would speak to their incorrigible child in resignation.

"And just why should I?" Seiichiro tossed back incuriously, amused, inebriated eyes staring at the impossibly beautiful face of his little prey. That gorgeous countenance was even more charming with traces of pain and despair on it.

"Because I'm telling you to."

Seiichiro glanced back over his own shoulder, straight into focused, fawn eyes. He didn't miss the particular tone of Reita's voice, and he appeared to be utterly disgruntled with it. "Fuck you, Suzuki. This is none of your business, so piss off." He hissed while Ruki found great relief in the fact that the invasive knee disappeared from in-between his legs.

Reita huffed and flexed his neck, hand risen to pluck the barely started cigarette away from his lips and carelessly drop it down to the floor. "What did you say?" He inquired almost inquisitively, but his dark stare didn't waver from Seiichiro's figure even for a second, making it evident that the other teen was dangerously close to getting on the bad side of his reserved classmate's temper.

Perhaps the drunken state of mind clouded Seiichiro's sense of judgment quite a lot already, or perhaps he was just too comfortable in the role of an overconfident asshole right now, but his reply was disdainful and supercilious. "I said: piss off, half-face."

This time, the counter was of physical nature because Reita had never been a man of many words. Launching forward unexpectedly swiftly, his hand curled into the collar of his obnoxious classmate's shirt, yanking him forward and away from Ruki while his second arm reached back for all but a second before ramming his firm fist into Seiichiro's face, shattering the bigheaded expression on it. Blood spilled from a broken nose and the president slumped to his knees with a stunned wail, holding his crushed breathing organ that readily gushed crimson into his palms.

Flickering his hand once as though to get some invisible dirt off it, Reita spat down next to the hunched up body in contempt. "Watch your fucking mouth, asshole." He couldn't say that just now hadn't been one major satisfaction.

Bending down he picked up his dropped cigarette, dusted it off a little and stuffed it back into his pack. He'd enjoy this particular smoke later on, that's for sure. Turning with the intention to head back inside like nothing had ever happened, the taciturn blonde didn't get very far because a shaky voice resounded beseechingly from behind him.

"Wait!" Squinting at Seiichiro's preoccupied figure fearfully, Ruki at last re-obtained his senses and hurried to get away from the wall he still stood at like he was glued to it, as well as away from the hurt president and towards his unexpected savior who however looked like he couldn't care less about the person he just saved.

Giving Ruki a once-over, Reita simply faced away again and proceeded in his way. Almost.

"You can't just leave me here!" Well. In fact Reita could and he looked in full intention to do just that, but Ruki found that thought a very frightening one. He absolutely didn't know what he should do. No money, no phone, and Seiichiro surely wouldn't be as kind as to give him a lift home. Reita was pretty much his only option to get away from here in one piece altogether.

The tall blonde gripped the handle and pushed it down, seemingly entirely indifferent towards his school mate's plight. Hugging his own shivering body sorrow and despondency drew along Ruki's gorgeous, youthful features. Would he really be left all alone here? What in heaven's name should he do then? His only other options were to take a bus, or a taxi, or walk. And he didn't have his wallet with him, stupidly, neither did he know where the next bus station was or even where he himself was. Not to mention that he had never ridden a bus in his entire life anyway.

"What's in it for me?"

Jerking his head back up, he stared at the taller boy yet again, this time in incomprehension and confusion. "What...?"

"I asked what's in for me if I play babysitter for you tonight?" Reita repeated nonchalantly and something akin to curiosity played out in his dark orbs. It was best to get out of Seiichiro's earshot though, even if the black-haired teen looked entirely engulfed in his whining and wallowing in pain.

With Reita re-entering the club, Ruki followed on track, his question still audible before their figures got swallowed up by the dimness and noise of the club's insides. "What... would you want?"

Nudging the door shut, Reita waited for Ruki to reach him before he leaned down to that lovely ear so that the petite brunette could understand what he was saying, since attempting to communicate in this overly loud ambience any other way was futile. "I could settle for a kiss."

It was a joke of course, but Ruki didn't seem to have caught on to that, proving how innocent he really was in matters of casual flirt and fleeting innuendos by staring at Reita in adorable perplexity for a long moment before ultimately whispering a shaky yet completely honest: "Okay..." He didn't even know why he was agreeing to it so easily; he was used to refusing people so dealing with the impulse of actually having a genuine interest in somebody was entirely new to him. Perhaps the blonde had effectively left an impression on him or perhaps he was ready to accept almost all and any deal so long as it meant he could keep the other nearby for protection. Maybe it was ridiculous, but in view of what had just happened outside he did feel safest in Reita's presence and he really didn't want to lose it right now.

Mentioned person in turn rose a dark brow, reclining again and scrutinizing the nervous young beauty in front of him, having not quite expected this turn of events. Did Ruki really just agree to that? What a peculiar, sweet little thing. Well, it seemed like this evening promised to be a rather interesting one after all.


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Sei had it coming for a long time, I suppose *laughs*

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Sorry for posting this again for some reason the first time I did it logged me out and listed a anon
I absolutely love when Ruki is characterized as pure as he is in this fic as I've seen before, and sometimes I can't help but see him in such a way anyways. Anyway I love this so far as you know and am very happy with all the updates from you, so thank you for taking the time to share. I also love when Reita is characterized the way he is here now the calm before the storm Reita is the best type of Reita xD.

It was about time that Seichiro got that slug to the face I was waiting he's so vulgar, but I also get the impression that he and Reita know one another since Reita called him "Sei". Therefore I'm waiting to see how that will unfold, if at all.

Also I seriously just can't wait to see how Reita and Ruki will get together in this fic and how all that will unfold, as well as Ruki's past and perhaps what happened to his father and as to why things seem to have a sense of a tense taboo situation hanging over that family. Reita of course is that badass character so I wonder about is past as well and development in general I just love your stories the both of you have crafted something wonderful ^^.

Oh also if he does kiss Reita per his request that'll be an interesting first kiss for Ruki for sure, but not what I expected. I like the fact that Ruki never kissing anyone before is a element that's paid attention to and I think it adds to some nice love developments to come so yay for that and I'm also waiting for what's up with that.

All in all I love this ^^ and I can't wait for another update as well as others :) and have good days otherwise with work etc.
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 12:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Sorry for posting this again for some reason the first time I did it logged me out and listed a
No worries =) I deleted the second copy of the comment, so it's all good.

Indeed, me too. He might pose as a sexy, daring little minx on stage but seeing the backstage clips and hearing him in interviews or some MCs, there's that whole other side of him. Glad you're liking both his and Reita's characterizations in this =) Badass Reita is the best Reita out there XD And you're most welcome; it's fun to share when people enjoy what you share and support you as wonderfully as my readers do <3

Yeeeah, I'd say Sei definitely had it coming. Reita definitely knows him, likely better than the three years they spend in the same class together, too. But for the reasons of spoilers, I won't be saying much on that just yet *laughs*

Getting the two of them together was one of the most fun challenges, and I do hope we did a convincing and good job on that, as well as on their pasts. Both Sera and I have the habit of drafting a concept of the characters before we put them into writing, so that we have a stable scaffold to build upon. Then you can keep adding details as you go, but it's always good to have a red thread when you create a character. I'm glad you're liking it so far, and it keeps you interested in the two of them.

I think I always make big deals of first times *laughs* I suppose it's just something I like paying attention to because first times are important and most of them stick with you for the rest of your life. Glad you're happy with the current pace and developments so far =)

I hope you will enjoy the next chapter as much as you did this one, and thank you very much for your support and appreciation <3!
Emmi-Stina: Ruki - NAMELESS LIBERTY DISORDER HEAVENakumura on October 13th, 2014 08:57 am (UTC)
First of all, Seiichiro is an asshole. I hate that kind of behavior because it is very offensive. I didn't think he would go that far but in the end, that happened :( Poor Ruki, he was so scared and it made me think that had there happened something terrible in his life before? Because, Ruki is acting just like he is hiding his true side from everyone. I don't know! I hope we will be able to know more about him during these first chapters ^^ And about Reita of course, he is such a interesting character as well!

And I'm happy that Reita saved Ruki, even though he seemed to be not wanting to have anything to do with him at all. I love your badass Reita! I can imagine him being that way and then there's Ruki: pure and beautiful, maybe a little bit naive, younger student who is scared of moments like these. I'm sure their relationship will progress nicely - but then again, I don't know what have you planned for this. I still hope there's going to be jealousy, drama, secrets and sensual things too ^^

I feel so sorry for Ruki because he has that kind of step-father. I myself don't know how it feels to live life like that but I still could absorb Ruki's feelings very well. Seriously, this chapter made me feel things! In a good way. I really want to read more and see if Reita and Ruki really are going to kiss! I hope that happens *__*

The ending of this chapter was such a cliffhanger, how could you do this to us?! Hahah, just kidding, you can do whatever you want and at least there is something to wait for. All in all, in my opinion this was kind of exciting chapter, there happened so much in a short amount of time. I hope we will be able to read more soon!

Thank you for this chapter and have a nice day! ^^
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 12:11 pm (UTC)
That he is for sure *laughs* I think people like Seiichiro don't know their boundaries because nobody ever really showed those to them. If someone gets used to doing whatever they want and get away with it from an early age on, it'll turn them into really obnoxious people. There's definitely much more to both Reita and Ruki than meets the eye and I do hope that discovering their true selves bit by bit throughout this fiction will be an interesting read ^_^

I suppose that says a great deal about Reita somewhere. Though he acts impassive and aloof, he's still a good guy at heart, unable to just walk away from things like that. Lucky for Ruki *laughs* And oh, you can bet there's gonna be drama and secrets and all sorts of fluff and romance and all. My Muses love themselves some good drama as much as they love themselves some nice romance, so there should be plenty of that to come.

I'm glad the feelings are well-conveyed and tangible. It's something I always strive to achieve as an author. Ruki's past as well as Reita's will surely get revealed bit by bit throughout this fic and I do hope it's going to be an interesting and suspenseful read for you =)

Well, we authors live off cliffhangers XD This one will get resolved by the next chapter which is now up, so you won't have to wait long and hopefully it won't disappoint ^_^

You're more than welcome, and thank you as well, m'dear, for your support and appreciation <3!

WakuWakuWatamekuroheresy on October 13th, 2014 11:06 am (UTC)
Ruki is innocent in every possible way, isn't he?! (^3^)/ Cute little beauty!!!! Oh obviously Seiichiro is dick like seriously!!! arrogant bastard... more over he is so annoying. But still I've never thought he would try to force himself on poor Ruru ... hey it's their first date or something like that right?! that's why he is real bastard ......
On the other hand our notorious Rei, hero in shining armor!!!! *lol* Arriving at the right time o(><)o ..... Him asking for kiss and Ru hesitantly but adorably agreeing to do is just priceless .... so heart throbbing!!!! I'm so looking forward to the next chapter and possible first kiss *peace* By the way Ruki doesn't have any other siblings? like half brother or sister? is he the only son?

Thank you for sharing chapter 2 so soon (><)/

BTW sorry for commenting about it here. But i'm really grateful that you are re-uploading the chapters of "Phoenix" If i'm not mistaken, this story has more than 45 chapters .... So yes long way to go. And one more time sorry for being demanding!! (^^') But i really want to know if you are planning to upload Hell's loop and Guardian angel too? *sorry if i'm mistaken about the titles*

Edited at 2014-10-14 11:04 am (UTC)
Kate, Kathrin, Katja: Ruki Shadesgazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 12:18 pm (UTC)
Seems like it! *pats cute little Ruki* I suppose people like Seiichiro don't know their boundaries because nobody ever really showed those to them. If someone gets used to doing whatever they want and get away with it from an early age on, it'll turn them into really obnoxious individuals.

But, Reita to the rescue indeed *laughs* I'm glad you enjoyed their first real interaction with each other and as for that kiss, whether or not it'll happen will be revealed in the next chapter that came fresh out of press today =) There will be more information on Ruki's family, too, an those two particular questions should be answered in chapter... 5 or 6, I believe.

You're welcome!

No worries at all, you can comment about all and anything related to my LJ on all and any entry of my LJ *laughs* I don't mind! Phoenix has 47 chapters I think, and I hope I can get the next five up sometime this week. I'm happy you enjoy the re-read, and yes I do plan to upload Hell's Loop and GA eventually as well.

Thank you for your support and appreciation <3!
WakuWakuWatamekuroheresy on October 16th, 2014 01:47 pm (UTC)
First of all ..... How could you do that!!!! I've just finished reading chapter 3 and now i feel so love-struck (^^)/ I want to express how wonderful i felt about it properly but because of my poor English i kinda miserably stuck with this strange limited few words and i feel it's not good enough to show my enormous appreciation about this specific story. So just remember that I REALLY REALLY LOVED IT A LOT okay!!! *hug*

Oh phoenix has 47 chapters .... 5 chapters this week *BANZAI!!!!!*
So glad to know you are going to upload them all *(^.^)* Back then when you decided to leave LJ, i was quite new user so that i kinda didn't used to catch up the things going around....But then one day suddenly YOU AND YOUR FANFICTIONS were nowhere to be found!!!! And i literally panicked and finally came to strong realization that you are no longer here (T.T) I'm so glad you are back *hug*

Thanks for your hardwork and wonderful chapters <3 <3
Denmurky_murk on October 13th, 2014 03:44 pm (UTC)
Интересная ретроспектива с описанием семью Руки. Все не было бы так легко, если бы не было так сложно.
Подобные отношения всегда не легки, когда мать второй раз выходит замуж и ее муж начинает учить тебя жизни, возлагать какие-то надежды, строить под себя. Вероятно, это вызывает еще больший протест в молодой еще бунтарской голове, что соглашаешься на такие поступки, о которых, может быть еще с десяток раз подумал. Доказать всем и себе, что ты можешь? Вот только что? Такие глупости совершаются повсеместно, и в итоге ты черте где с пьяным ублюдком без цента в кармане. Тут наверно и приходит осознание того, что все это вокруг тебя напускное, образ, только вот осознание этого приходит в неподходящий момент.

Появление Рейты, это самый шик! =D Весь такой "принц на белом коне... точнее мотоцикле" xD
Эта сцена мне понравилась больше всего, спокойный, уверенный в себе, пока еще не знающий во что же он ввязался xD пришел и поставил все точки над "и", точнее разбил главное "злодею" нос. Показал, кто тут главный.

Мне нравится некая "тягучесть" повествования, думаю, что чужая стилистика чувствуется, она совершенно не выбивается, но чужая индивидуальность, скажем так проглядывается.
Что такое переписывать ролевки знаю не по наслышке, когда-то сто лет назад, тоже этим баловались, но так как мы писали дичайший стёб, привести это все в общий текст бывало в разы тяжелее.

Ждем продолжения :3
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 01:34 pm (UTC)
Признаюсь, пре разработке персонажей разработка семейных отношений меня всегда особо привлекала. Может потому-что сама очень дорожу своей семьёй да и потому что то, как и в каких условиях человек вырастает, сильно влияет на развитие в характере и очень важно включать это в свой фик, если хочешь дать читателям хорошее понимание героев. Многое можно узнать и обяснить, если знаешь семеиный background персонажа. И думаю многое станет яснее, когда и в этой истории дело дойдёт до семей как Руки, так и Рейты.

Ну и конечно теенейджиры *lol* Как говорится, на ошибках учатся, но лучше учится на ошибках других. Семнадцать лет очень трудный возраст, особенно в таких обстоятелствах. Думаю поэтому мне так интересно писáть об этом и радует, что другим интересно об этом читать. Мне нравится, как ты это так хорошо в кратце подитожила: "черте где с пьяным ублюдком без цента в кармане"; очень в точку XD

Ну и Реита, конечно! Ещё до того, как мы дошли то половины всей этой сцены в клубе, мы предвкушали этот момент. В меру крутые мужчины всегда очень привлекательны для любой Музы. Такие, которые не ходят растопырив пальцы веером и ставят из себя бог знает что, но могут любого поставить на место, не делая из этого большого шоу.

Поэтому я и не хотела переписывать всё с нуля. Я хотела, чтобы Серин стиль тоже чуствовался в истории, всё таки это наше общее творение и вычеркнуть из него все её черты было бы не справедливо. Сделать это конечно прийдетса, как только дойдет до места, где мы закончили совместную работу, но до туда ещё далеко.

I hope you will enjoy the next chapter as much as you've enjoyed this one, and thank you for your support and appreciation <3!
Emmaemmzidance on October 13th, 2014 06:26 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy the next chapter got uploaded so fast!
This chapter was really intresting'
Poor Ruki baby and I wonder what Reita will say now when he offered a kiss and not just anyone but his first... it feels like he will say no to that.

I'm really excited for the next chapter!
I can't wait :3

Thank you!!
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 01:37 pm (UTC)
I hope to keep up the pace up to chapter 5-6 *laughs* I'm glad it was an interesting read!

Well, I wonder if anyone can really say no to Ruki... but I guess we'll see =)

Then I certainly hope you will enjoy said next chapter!

You're very much welcome, and thank you as well for your comment <3!
Eli: Me :)limaccia_san on October 13th, 2014 08:34 pm (UTC)
Ooooh yes, now I remember!!! I've actually red lost_seraphine's story too and loved it so much! I was super sad when she went on hiatus and the story remained uncomplete. So yay to you for finishing it, I'm double intrigued now, she stopped updating just when things were getting interesting..
Also second chap on my birthday, so cool!! 8D
Kate, Kathrin, Katja: Ruki BAgazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 01:39 pm (UTC)
Ah, I see! She'll be happy to know that some people still remember the story, after all it's almost four years passed since she posted it it.

I felt the same, the plot and setting is very good and it'd be a pity to leave it unfinished. I'm glad I decided to continue it and managed to make others happy with it ^_^

Also, happy belated birthday!

Thank you for your support <3!
aya_rockz: rei_by_caterisaya_rockz on October 14th, 2014 02:09 pm (UTC)
oooh so excited, i love it!! go reita go~!
can't wait for more~
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 01:39 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're liking the story so far!

Hopefully the next chapter won't disappoint, then =3 Thanks for your comment!
rinsachirinsachi on October 14th, 2014 04:44 pm (UTC)
hu that went fast. I mean me finishing. ehem...
Fist, I really love it. I don't know maybe because it's so different from what I read latly. Who knows. But I think this story is rather refreshing. And I just love that you (as usual) don't romanticise anything. Lot's of people would now made Ruki fall in love or Reita a shining hero, but he seems more like looking for some fun of his own, even if he is at least asking for consent, and I guess still thinking of the fun in another way than Mr. Asshole. But he did not really do it for Ruki himself, I guess he would have done it had it been any other person in Rukis place and that's just awesome.
Back to the beginning, kinda, I can't wait to get to know what happened to Rukis family really. His mom still seems kind of sweet, although suffocation, his step-dad, well let's not talk about this or I'll rant again. *laugh*
I think Ruki should act more on his own instincts, if he would have said no from the beginning I'm sure there would have been little Seiichiro could have done, after all there had been witnesses. On the other hand, it is really understandable, that Ruki didn't say no. It really is a tricky thing.
I do love how the prejudice topic keeps coming back, it is simply a huge issue and factor in reallife and one thing often left out in books, fan fictions, general in fictional worlds. Actually I haven't realized how much I missed this element in fictional stories until now. But since I know this issue just to well, well...finally something that states the truth.
It is a shame, that Ruki is simply let into the club, really. But I'm not surprised, after all it happens everywhere. Stupid really, rules aren't for fun after all, and I totally admire Ruki for his restrain in drinking alcohol. Although I very much can understand him, I'm quite similar while going out, it's still, I know it isn't easy to say no, when everyone around you drinks it and tries to get you to drink too, it's soooo annoying, you're tempted to say yes just so the shut up and leave you to drink whatever you want. So really thumbs up Ru, well done there. Not that it made it anything better.
Seiichiro is an ass, nothing more to say about this I guess. He doesn't even deserves it. He is just like one of the most hateable characters if ever encountered. But sadly so true to reality.
And now where back to Rei the saviour. Jeah! Good job boy. I have the feeling he slowly get's that the rumours about Ruki are just that, rumours. And I'm curious when Ruki gets this feeling about the masked one as well. But I guess Ruki is just too obvious now for Rei not to see.
I'm looking forward to new stuff, hm...I might read phoenix now, if I get bored. But I should rather finish game of thrones finally. Decisions Decisions. We'll see. Anywy I didn't read phoenix all the way back then, but I am still kind of...not so keen on AoixUruha. On the other hand you pulled it off in ADF pewwww....
Enough, I'm writing down my own thinking again here, sorry. But I never feel like deleting it, as long as it still belongs to your stories, so well. I hope you can forgive me. It's just so hard, since I can't tell anyone about this stuff, other than you of cause.
Many hugs...hope to hear soon from you.
rinsachirinsachi on October 14th, 2014 09:05 pm (UTC)
God I totally forgot something very important (to me) to say.
I am so in awe of you, because this is made of an RPG. I mean, sure you haven't done it yet, but you will and I seriously admire you for it. Because I tried myself twice and found out it is (for me) impossible to accomplish.
So really thumbs up and all my deepest respect for doing this.
And I promise that's it. For now. >_> Really. Until the next chapter...
I'm sorry
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 02:10 pm (UTC)
No probs, that's the beauty of commenting. You can always come back and add whatever else comes to mind *laughs*

Thank you! I admit it's not an easy thing, but I've always liked the challenge and for the first couple of chapters, Sera has done a lot of work for me already. I can only hope I will manage to continue doing a good job of it - the beginning is easier, but usually an RP gets more and more complex the further you go and it might be one of the reasons Sera eventually gave up on it. But well, I'm up for it! So we'll see how it goes.

Nothing to be sorry about, as said *laughs* Thanks for the thumbs up <3!
Kate, Kathrin, Katjagazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 02:07 pm (UTC)
Might be because the chapters aren't quite as long just yet *laughs*

I'm very happy you enjoyed it so far, and that it's been a welcome change from the usual stuff you read lately. I suppose that's how a lot of relationships - romantic or otherwise - really start. You come across a person randomly thanks to that event or the other, and as you get to know this and that about them you start to form a bond. It could have been anyone else in either Ruki's or Reita's or Seiichiro's place and depending on their character, they would have acted differently. So I'm glad that scene came across as spontaneous and un-preplanned as life happens around us every day, and thus seemed real and authentic.

Family is an aspect I think very important to character development, so we will definitely see more of it revealed bit by bit throughout the story, both Reita's and Ruki's. And you're always welcome to rant about all and anything *laughs* I grew up with a step-dad myself, but I never considered him one. I love him as I would my own dad, but I was also lucky that he accepted me and my brother as his own kids right from the start and loved, supported and protected us like his own, too. Ruki's step-dad is the other sort of stepparent, the one that never really manage to bond with their step-kids for one reason or the other.

And yes, getting rid of prejudices is very hard. The only way to really do that is get to know the person and see their true identity beneath the facade. It's even harder if the person keeps up appearances that confirm prejudices, either because they want to or because they try to protect themselves out of some personal motives. I'm glad you like the fact that it's one of the main subjects in the story, we will certainly see more on it throughout the progress of the fic.

I think the main reason Ruki was let into that club was Seiichiro *laughs* Rich people are prone to bending the rules with their money, there is nothing you can't buy nowadays. But definitely props to Ruki for sticking by his principles, it's never an easy thing to do especially under peer pressure. I myself haven't drunk alcohol in years, too, and I know very well how annoying it can be when everybody keeps pushing you to. By now, on parties and stuff, my favorite excuse is - sorry, I can't drink, I'm by car! XD Don't drink and drive! In 8 out of 10 cases, that gets people to shut up.

Oh, Game of Thrones. That's my second favorite show after Supernatural *laughs* Have fun with it, it's really good!

I shall also hope that you'll have fun with the next chapter, and never apologize, I like hearing what you have to say and all your thoughts on whatever comes to your mind. So there's really nothing to forgive =)

Quite the contrary, I thank you for taking the time and placing the effort into sharing your impressions and thoughts with me, as well as for your support and your appreciation. It means a lot <3!
sarky_chepooka on October 14th, 2014 09:34 pm (UTC)
I'm really liking this story so far! Both Ruki and Reita are very interesting characters, and I'm curious to see how their 'relationship' will progress^^ That cliffhanger!!

And ngl, I'm with everyone else in thinking that it's super cute how... inexperienced Ruki is. Because I SEE that smut "warning", and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to that >:D Especially since I know you write it so well, I have no doubts it will be super cute.

I'm super intrigued by this, can't wait to read the next chapter! Also, it's great to have you back here on LJ :D
Kate, Kathrin, Katja: Ruki Shadesgazerock4eva on October 16th, 2014 02:13 pm (UTC)
I'm very happy to hear you're liking the plot and the characters so far. I can only hope that'll stay that way as we progress =)

Cute innocent Ruki is one of my favorite characterizations of him *laughs* Glad I'm not the only one who loves such a portrayal of him. I hope I will manage to live up to expectations when we do get to the smexy parts and people will like it.

I do hope you'll enjoy the next chapter as much as you did this one! Thanks for welcoming me back, as well as for your support and appreciation <3!
*Its Kraziie Jenn*exo6st on October 16th, 2014 03:32 pm (UTC)
OMG!!! I love innocent ruki and badass reita.great storyline,thanks for sharing
Kimubishiebe on October 19th, 2014 10:32 am (UTC)
I knew that asshole would pull something like that on Ruki! I really love how cool and calm Reita is it makes me chuckle! I loved this chapter, perfectly perfect!
ayame_4ayame_4 on October 21st, 2014 10:36 am (UTC)
Reita, how can you resist the temptation of such a cute Ruki? He's waaaay too adorable, pure and innocent!
And Ruki, I'm not gonna tell you to kiss him already, 'cause I know you will v.v

Thank you very much for this chapter~